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Naughty Cats

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I thought it would be nice to have a thread to tell some of the funny stories about things our cats have done when they were being "naughty" LOL

Last night I made a pork roast for supper....Merlin meowed and begged at my feet, so I gave him a little bit of the meat.(we were eating in the living room)

A little bit later i went into the kitchen to get more food, and there was Merlin...with a huge chunk of Pork roast on the floor, eating it. He had jumped clear up onto the counter to get it. At first I was a little mad, but then it was too cute seeing him look up at me when I walked in the room, with this,,,"uh-oh Iv'e been caught" look on his face. My hubby didn't find it nearly as amusing, though. I asked him if he was done eating the roast...and he said..."I am Now!!" Oh well.

Do you have any funny stories about naughty cats??
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I don't know if you would consider my post "naughty", but it was funny as hell.

I had just gotten out of the shower and the toilet cover was up. My Sphynx came in and jumped on what he thought was a closed cover. Surprise!! I heard a ka-plunk! Moo had his first toilet bath (the water was clean). He was walking around shaking his back legs and I was laughing with tears in my eyes.

Here's a good one! I had a Korat named Tucker who had this fixation with rolls of paper towels. One night he was awfully quiet. I walked in to the kitchen and saw him laying on the floor surrounded by shreds of paper towel. He had his front legs wrapped around the roll and his back legs were going a mile a minute shredding what was left of a roll. I have a picture of him at work to prove it. He had this stupids look on his face like "Oops, caught in the act!" He even did it one time in my linen closet with a six-roll pack. I had just bought it and didn't realize he was in the closet shredding them before I had a chance to use any of them. God, I miss that boy!

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Mine was definatly naughty!! All my cats know not to get on the couneter when theres food up there. Plus they have us trained to put things away in a timely fassion. One night my daughter put the rest of her hot wings up on the counter and I did not know, just as I turned the corner Purrty Girl looked up with that oh s***t look on her face with a peice of chicken in her mouth. I have never seen a cat drop something so fast and run..hehe she knew she was in trouble and I never said a word.
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When I go to take a shower I usually start the water and sit on the edge of the tub so I can wash my feet before standing and starting the shower. Well, my chunky baby Tiger loves getting in the tub, even when I turn the water on. He sits at the very back of the tub as I wash my feet and moves only when the water finally creeps up on him or I stand and turn on the shower.

Well, he gets mad that I make him get out of "his" tub (This has happened more than a few times) and as I'm taking a shower I'll hear this noise from beyond the shower curtain. I peek out and Tiger is sitting on the toilet lid and ripping the toilet paper off the roll. Of course he hauls arse when I scream at him and he looks at me with that look. You know the one. "Hey, you made me get out of the tub so I'm getting even".

Of course, after my shower I have to dry off and pick half the roll of shredded toilet paper off the floor. My lady friends ask whats up with all the holes in (whats left) my toilet paper. I just explain it as designer toilet paper by Tiger.
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She is just a little black and white small shorthair. Her favorite trick is to carry off any watches, or eyeglasses that she can find in the middle of the night. She will carry them proudly upstairs and dump them unceremoniously into the litter box and then bury them!

About a year ago, we had a family that got stranded near our house. They were "well to do" and we met them in the process of helping them with their car. We invited them to spend the night, and before I went to bed, I told them to not take their watches off and told them why. Weeelll.......the man didn't believe me, so his rolex was sacrificed to the God of the Litter Pan. In the morning when he couldn't find his expensive watch, I gave him "the I told you so" look and he followed me upstairs where I unearthed his timepiece! The look on his face was a classic! But, he had been warned, and paid for his mistrust so he took it all very well. The car got fixed, and they left. The following day fedEx came to the house with a package, and when we opened it, we found two gorgeous watches- his and hers...inside was a smaller package, and I opened that which was labeled "and hers" The contents was a scoobydoo watch labeled for Ripley! LOL We get Christmas cards from this lovely family every year, and there is always a p.s. asking about the health of our watch thief!
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Oh these stories are great! I'm glad I started this thread!! And Hissy....I know what you mean about the watches...thankfully Merlin has never buried it in his litter pan, but I have to put it in the drawer at night, and not leave it on top of the dresser, or he will carry it away, and I have to hunt for it when I'm running late for work. He also has a thing for pens....if there is a pen anywhere in sight, he will jump up and get it, knock it off the table, or even my computer stand, and then run off with it and play with it. So I have to keep the pens hidden too, or else I can't find one when I need it!He's gotten better about leaving my houseplants alone, though. He will be 6 months next week.
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