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Cat outside work?

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For the past few weeks we have had this very small very thin cat walk around outside my work. We work in an industrial park but there are also some houses. This cat does not let me come near him/her and I have tried to place food outside for him. I am not sure if he is feral or just a scared indoor/outdoor cat.

What do you think I should do. Should I buy a feral trap (if so where do I get one) or do I just leave this cat alone.

Whatever I do I have to make sure my boss does not see me or the cat she is not a animal friendly person.
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If the cat looks at all malnurished, dehydrated, or skinny, I would, for the good of the cat, trap him/her and take him/her in.
I'm unsure where to get feral traps however.
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You can contact a local animal rescue, animal shelter, feed store or humane society. Most places have traps you can rent. If you do trap this cat sucessfully and get it to the vet, be sure to ask the vet to scan for a microchip. It could be someone's lost pet that needs to find its owner again.
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Yes I will make sure to ask the vet to scan the cat to see if she has a Avid chip. Thank you for your help I will hopefully be able to rent one tomorrow. Thanks again
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