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Eye Issue in Young Cat

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I have a young (8 month old) kitten that I "rescued" from a pet store about 6 weeks ago. Sixx is a sweet, loving, hyper, long haired female brown tabby that has adjusted well to life with her two new older "sisters". Yesterday she was squinting her eye for a while. This was brief (maybe for an hour or so) - I checked it out and no signs of seepage, conjectivitis or anything obvious. Last night, I was on a chair with a light to my left side. Sixx was on the couch with "dad". Her left eye was reflecting light. The right one looked normal and black, but that left looked silvery and weird. I had my husband switch and he could see what I was talking about. We tried to discern whether or not her pupils were even (they seem to be in normal light) but I couldn't really see how they reacted (she immediately flops into a leg spread position when you pick her up for tummy rubs). At any rate, this morning we both think the eye looks a little "filmy". Not terribly obvious unelss you are looking at it, but something looks "off".

Any ideas on what this may be? I could very well be overreacting too, but that reflectiveness last night seemed WRONG!

Here are a couple pics:

Thank you in advance for any advice you might have to offer!

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My cat Patsy had something similar when she was about 2 years old. Her eye looked very cloudy and I took her to the vet right away. She was diagnosed with Glaucoma. I had to give her eye drops for a while. After about 2-3 weeks her eye went back to normal and she hasn't had any problems since. That was about 7 years ago.

When I looked at the picture on the bottom her eye looked very similar to how patsy's looked. Sixx eye isn't as cloudy as Patsy's was. It might be worth a vet visit to get her eye checked out. I'm not a vet or anything but I'm just going by my experience with Patsy.

BTW Sixx is a very cute kitty!!
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