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Please Help!! My Kitten Is Vomiting

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It's 9pm Right Now

And My Kitten Started Vomiting About 3pm

She Was Fine The Whole Day

Taking Naps, Playing With Her Toys

Is It The Food?

I Bought Her 3 Days Ago

And She Was Fine Until Today

Please Help!!!

I Never Raised A Kitten In My Life...
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Is she vomiting food or liquid? How is her activity level?
If she seems lethargic, I would get her to a veterinarian
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When you get a new pet you should always schedule a vet visit right away so you know your new companion is healthy and doesn't have anything that can be passed along to other pets or you.
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If her activity level or appetite are off definitely schedule a vet visit asap.

Please check with your vet first, but, I would give her lots of water. Not sure how old she is but you could use an eyedropper, syringe or kitten baby bottle or possibly even a spoon to give her water.

With both vomitting and diarrhea, dehydration is a real concern. Dehydration is not going to be the cause of the vomitting but kittens can go downhill very quickly if they become dehydrated.

Did she vomit just once or is it continual?
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let me explain my situation
I am studying abroad in China
so being a student, I can't afford a vet.
I know its horrible, but when i bought her
the owner said she had all her vaccinations..

shes been throwing up tan colored liquid...
i've been feeding her whiskas kitten dry food..
but today she didnt eat at all

she seems fine..its just the vomiting that worries me
and her poop is hard and brown..

is there something wrong with her?
i think she was abused a lot by her last owner
shes very scared..
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My dear ... not to be harsh, but what in the world were you thinking??? If you cannot afford to take a cat/kitten to the vet then why in heaven's name did you ever even think about bringing one home??? It totally confuses me that you had money to buy a kitten but you don't have money to take the appropriate care of it????

It cannot be an issue that you are a college student and cannot afford to take your kitten to the vet - you must find the money, borrow it, beg it, work out a payment plan with the vet, do whatever you have to do and get that kitten in to be seen now. If the problem is serious and you catch it early on, you may be able to avoid even larger vet bills or worse, the possibility of losing your little one in the future. Step up to the responsibility you have taken on and do the right thing for the life you have taken in.
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Kittens can not go very long without eating, how old is the kitten? She needs to go to the vet.
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My 7 week old kitten started vomiting and had diarreaha within hours of bringing her home. She had had a well kitten examine and shots only a week earlier. After a day of this, got her to the vet where she was diagnosed with Coccidia. She had to have subq fluids, a shot, and two weeks of antibotics. Had I let this go, a very treatable diasease would have been deadly. Please get your kitten to a vet ASAP.
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There is definitely something wrong with your kitten. Just because she's had all her vaccines does not mean that she's healthy. She could have worms, coccidia, an upper respitory infection just to name a few possibilities of things that are treatable but if left untreated can be fatal. The fact that she is continuing to vomit is not good for her. She is getting dehydrated by all the vomitting. With her not eating on top of that, it can spell very bad news for a kitten if not treated soon.

This does not sound like something you can fix on your own. She needs to be seen by a professional as soon as possible.

If you can not afford to take her to the vet then, please, call a rescue agency, or animal services. Do whatever you have to do to get her seen. Please for her sake and for your own do what is right.

You will feel awful if this kitten does not survive simply because you didn't get her the help she needs.
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Ditto what everyone else said. In addition, Whiska's kitten food is not a good brand. Kittens should have a good appetite. Not wanting to eat is a very bad sign. Just because she is scared doesn't mean she was abused. It just means that she is going through a lot. A new home, a new diet, not feeling well. It is overwhelming for a baby.
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