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Overgrooming & Rodent Lip

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I've had Villy now for 3 months, she's a shorthaired tuxedo cat, 7 years old. When I got her from the shelter she'd been over grooming herself as I think she hated it in there. She ignored the other cats, but didn't fight with them, just kept herself to herself. However, she is still overgrooming, she has no fur on the inside of her hindlegs, and on the backs of her front legs. She also has a rodent lip for the second time. Are the two linked? I'm taking her to the vet to get the rodent lip treated again. The vet has found no problems with her skins, she said it's just stress. She also has nothing in her medical history.
Here's what I've used so far:
A feliway plug in,
Rescue Remedy in her water,
Burning lavender oil in my oil burner,
Distracting her when she does it by dropping keys, playing with her, fussing her etc
Feeding her 3 times per day instead of 2 so that she has more distractions.
But nothing seems to be helping yet
Can anyone help please?
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It sounds as if your girl has alleriges, both the rodent ulcer and the overgrooming in the areas you describe point to this My kitty had the overgrooming problem, instead of trying different foods 6 weeks at a time, I had blood taken and sent to a lab that tests for allergies. I got a list of the foods he was allergic to, and put him on a diet without these ingredients. He's back to normal now.
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