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also lost some friends

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midnight and fudge were my best friends. they belonged to my sisters before i was born. fudge was a callico and midnight all black with a little white spot. fudge used to drool when she was happy. they lived in the basement my mom was allergic and dad didnt like cats. they used to meow into the vents to get my attention. when i was young they were mistreated. i'll never forgive myself. no food water or clean litter. i didnt know to take care of them. when i did learn, fudge had a thyroid problem (over active) and midnight never liked me. fudge used to cough up her pills. or she would eat around the parts of food it was mushed into. fudge loved everyone. i found her dead on the basement floor. i fell to the kitchen floor and asked someone to make sure she was dead. i couldnt go. midnight was depressed so i brought her to my room, though small. we became fast friends but she was aging. she was there through my worst times. i ended up working alot through highschool and getting depressed, losing trace of what really mattered. one day i went to bed. looked over at middy and she had a big lump on the side of her face. i was horrified. i took her to the vet. they thought it was an absess. the gave her fluids and antibiotics and she seemed better. i brought her back and they said she had a tumor and was going to have to be put down. she was in so much pain she used to bite it and bleed. mom decided to have her put down because she didnt want it to be my decision. it hurt to much. that day we spent together. outside. it was beautiful. we dug a hole. we took her to the vet in her favorite blanket. they gave us some time to say goodbye. they came in, shaved her arm, sterilized and before i knew it, she was gone. i thought they would say "one last goodbye". i screamed and beat the wall. the vet left and my mother tryed to comfort me. middy had wet herself. we brought her home and placed her in the ground with her blanket. it rained after that. ill never forget her face. with both cats i buried a cross necklace just below the surface the reminded me of them. i hoped that there soul would find it. i would dig the necklaces up about a week later and put them in my room to bring there spirits home *i know this sounds silly* i was so used to having midnight beside me i now sleep with a teddy bear *also sounds silly* i still cry to this day.
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also, today i lost 2 new born kittens. born to a stray. 3 white, 3 black and a grey. 3 seemed lost when i got there but one came back when he/she was warmed up. i hope they will find happiness.
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I'm sorry to hear of your losses.
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how wonderful that you buried cross necklaces with them and then dug them up to "bring their spirits home" - this does not sound silly to me at all, but sounds rather wonderful
Know that all of them, your kitties and the 2 stray kittens are playing happily at the rainbow bridge, they are chasing all the butterflies and waiting until the day that they will meet you again
its so hard to loose a loved one

RIP sweet midnight and fudge and RIP sweet stray kitties you all now have your angel wings
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None of this sounds silly to me at all. You were the best thing that happened to Midnight after Fudge died. You showed her what love was all about and he also showed you back. Sometimes this love is all that really matters. I am sure Fudge and Midnight have found each other at the Rainbow Bridge and have befriended your little babies. Take solace in the fact that you will be with them again one day and until then, they are happy, healthy and free!
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I'm so sorry about your kitties.
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