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New Pics

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The weather is turning for the better and Frodo is longing for the outdoors:


As he is an indoor only cat... I refuse to let him out - No matter how brightly the sun shone. So the sneaky little fella grabbed my car keys and snuck out. How he learned to drive... I'll never know:


From the looks of it... he's done this on more than one occasion. Look... he even shoulder checks.


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Great pics!
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Hee hee, those are great pictures, thanks for sharing them! ROFL!
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How nice it must be to have such a cute furry driver.
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What a cute little driver mister Frodo is!!
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Those are great pics!!! He is adorable!!
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Great photos!
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thanks for sharing marvellous photos
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The car pictures are great! My cat only sits on the car waiting to be chauffered.
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Haha, those pictures are great!
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Aww, he's a cutie! (I'll bet your car insurance rates are really high )
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