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Do you wear a helmet ...

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...when riding your bike? I felt so bohemian today when my friend was sort of upset with me for not wearing one on our little local ride, i see her point that there was some street riding and it's dangerous, but I just never wear one. I asked a policeman once if it's law and it's not in my area. the helmet i have makes my head sweat.
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I haven't been on a bike for years but I always used to wear a helmet!
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No. I have never worn a helmet.

The way that I look at it is that if a car hits me, those pathetic helments they make are not going to do any good.

A 2 ton car versus a 140lbs person on a 20lb bike?

Now, if I had to get on a hwy to ride I might would invest in a motorcycle helmet. IMO those are more durable than the bike helmets.
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i try to all the time. My uncle was in a really bad accident on his bike when i was younger. I can see all the scars on his face every time i ride one.
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Oh yes....is funnie that you ask this because, THANKS to Lacey, I´m officially wear a Great Helmet!

The best part of this was to prepar it!

Originally Posted by LaceyDF
Rigel, are you ready?

I hope so, cause here you are in your VERY OWN melon helmet!!! Just as you wanted!!! I hope you like it!!! The only program I have available on my work computer is Paint, so bear with me!! haha!!!

Without further ado....

Rigel in a melon helmet!!!

I even set it as my desktop, so that it fits perfectly into this thread!!! haha!!!

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On a bicycle, NO.

On a motorcycle, YES.

In KY, you don't need to wear a helmet if ya don't want to. The times I've ridden with someone I wear one. I have enough brain damage, I don't need any more.

But I think I'm safe on my bicycle, I only go around my neighborhood and there's only one nut who drives really bad that I steer clear from!
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I have never worn a helment when riding my bike. When I fell off my bike, and I did alot, my ankles, hands and knees got cut up the most so a helment would not of done me much good.
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Yes, I always wear a helmet when I ride my bike.
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Yes, it's the law here for bicycles and motor cycles.
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not on my bike, but I do wear one if I am on our motorcycle
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The only biking I do is mountain biking, so, yeah, I refuse to ride if I don't have a helmet, knee and elbow guards and good, padded biking gloves.
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I've never worn one on a bicycle, but I never rode in traffic either!

On my other bike , I look more like I'm fixing to be in one of the Superbike races, rather than a cruiser chick, heh; full-face helmet, full-fingered leather and hard armor gloves, Triumph jacket with light armor, steel-toed over the ankle boots. It is the law in this state, but since I'm obviously not bending to peer pressure in what you're "supposed" to wear when riding a cruiser, I obviously value my skin enough to wear a proper helmet and clothes even if it wasn't the law!
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