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Prayers for my baby sister...

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My little sister, Allyson, just turned 9 years old yesterday. Even though we are 14 years apart, we are very very close. My dad and stepmother had her birthday party today and while Zack and I were waiting for the pizza and cake serving to stepmother told me that Allyson's test results came back in from all of her kidney tests that she's had in the last couple of weeks. They found out that one of her kidneys isn't functioning at all. She's only 9!!!!! This is very weird for me to hear and all the questioning in the last 9 years has made me realize that this is the reason she has always been underweight, and never fully-developed properly for her age. She's only 50 pounds and a little under 5 feet tall. Allyson was born May 21, 1996 and weighed 5 pounds and 5 oz. She was about 6 weeks or more too early. I believe that she may have been born a lot sooner than what most people think...but it is around 6 weeks. I am in shock, but realize a lot of people only have one kidney and live pretty good lives. It just hit my heart hard knowing that my precious sister has to go through all the tests and not knowing what kind of future awaits her.

I know some of you have been following and saying lots of prayers for my father with the heart attacks and stoke that he has this year. I just can't imagine what my stepmother is feeling. If you don't mind, Allyson can use some prayers especially in the next month where she will visiting the Medical Center here in Houston that will determine what they will do next. Also, please pray for my family through all of this.

Here is a pic of Ally at my wedding in 2002. I don't have any recent pics of her online at the moment and didn't get any pics of her today.
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Oh Candie. She is a little beauty. She is definitly in my thoughts!
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Vibes and prayers for Ally, and all your family, as you all wait to discover what's next on her journey.
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Candie, I am so sorry to hear this sweetie. I really hope that all goes as well as can be expected with your baby sis. She, and your family, will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.
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Oh what a sweetie. Prayers and hugs being sent.
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I'm so sorry to hear that news. I have said a prayer for Ally and the rest of your family and will continue to do so.
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Oh, Candie, I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this. Ally is so beautiful and looks so sweet! I am definitely praying for her.
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What a lovely little girl...I will say a prayer for good health for her.
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What a difficult thing for your family to deal with. I'm praying for her good health
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She will most definitely be in my prayers!
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MEGA NYC good health vibes being sent Ally's way and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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Hey sweetheart! You know that you've got my thoughts and prayers for your sis! {{{HUGS}}}
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Candy, I am so sorry your family is going through this. But I remember from my college anatomy class that we have 4 times as much kidney as we need. In other words, if we have 1/2 a functioning kidney, it can do the job. So Allyson should do fine with one full good kidney.

Of course they will need to run tests to be sure everything else is fine, and possibly figure out what happened to that kidney. But rest assured, I have a niece with only one kidney, and it has not slowed her down at all.

Prayers that all of Allyson's tests will come back normal, showing her to be a healthy girl!
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awww she is a sweetheart - she is most certainly in our thoughts over here
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My prayers are with you, your family and Alley.

My Sister had to have a kidney removed when she was 10 yrs old (It wasn't functioning and had atrophied) and today, 20 yrs later she is happy, heathy and the mother of 3 kids!

After the surgery to remove the kidney, the Doctor's discovered that the remaining kidney had increased in size to compensate for malfunctioning kidney.

I am sure your sister will be just fine, the human body has amazing healing powers!
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Ally is a cutie pie She will be breaking some guys hearts very soon that's for sure I will be keeping her and your family in my prayers also. She will be alright, I know that my Mom has lived for the past 10 years with only one kidney. Didn't/hasn't slowed her down at all....well I really think her age has but not the kidney.
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Oh Candie! Your sister is certainly in my thoughts but like others have experienced here, having one kidney won't hinder Ally.
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I wish her and your family the best, and hope she will be strong and healthy. My grandma live to be 83 with only 1 functioning kidney, and had few ill effects from it.
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Oh, Candie, your little sister is a princess! Of course, she and your whole family have my prayers.
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I'm so sorry to hear you and your family are going through a rough time, Candie! You, your family, and especially your beautiful little sister will be in my prayers
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My prayers to Ally Dear sad this...
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Aw Candie Your sister is a beautiful girl and I know your family will help her get through this. You're in my thoughts.
One thing I can recommend (and I'm sure the doctors will address this) is for your sister to cut out red meats from her diet as they can further hurt the kidney (high protein content). My boyfriend's kidneys are starting to go south, so feel free to PM me if you ever need someone to commiserate.
Thinking about your sister and your family....
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My niece had kidney problems when she was younger that weren't caught right away. She did not lose function of one kidney, but did have to have minor treatment. Today she is a normal-sized, healthy 16 year old. As you said, you do only need one kidney. Keep thinking positive thoughts! I will send some good vibes your way!
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heading Ally's way.
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and vibes.

We will get through this all one day at a time! Ally sure does know that there are many people out there praying for her, and it just made me even more excited to know she realizes that!

Thank you all again, it really makes me feel good that you are all sooo supportive!! XOXO
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Vibes coming your way. ((((VIBES))) I'm so sorry. May she get better as soon as possible.
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