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Problem with ticks

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Hi I'm new here and have a question.
We live in the country and had a stray adopt us as her family.
Trouble as we call her had surgery Friday for a spay, all shots, de-mite, de-flea,
Microchip and every test done on her that there is,
I have a 20 grey tabby and I did not want them two together till she got a clean bill of health.
Well Saturday I was petting her and found 2 ticks so she has been living in my bathroom since Thursday, thats when she came to stay.
So I know my male Mr. Buttjuice is bug free.
Question is what can be done to rid her of the fleas and ticks?
The vet at the spca gave us revolution, but I was going to call my vet Monday and ask about Lufenuron 6 month injection, Proban tablets or Frontline Plus.
What can be done to help de-bug this poor cat seeing that she had surgery on Friday?
I don't like seeing her live in my bathroom but I don't have a choice, it's for the safety of my children and my big male cat.
If anyone one knows of anything I could ask my vet about please let me know please help me, help Trouble become a member of our family..
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Your best bet for ticks is Frontline. It does both fleas and ticks. Once applied, they will die within 24 to 48 hours. The revolution is great, but doesn't work for ticks Putting the frontline on after the spay won't hurt her
Kudos for taking her in and getting her spayed!!
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