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Secret Diary

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I wrote this poem about twenty years ago...wow, incredible how time flys. I always heard my parents and others reminisce about those "days" ...."I can remember twenty years ago....". Jeez...I remember thinking, I'll never say that...whoa, what an awakening. :LOL:

Anyway, this is ...

"Secret Diary"

We’re tucked away in a secret diary
Hidden stories never to be told
Part of our lives in a secret diary;
Pages and chapters we wish could be sold.

Smothered adventures lost in time,
Occasionally travel to our conscious mind,
Embarrassing moments we just can’t escape;
And we think there is no one that can relate.

And when we’re ready to disclose.
To open our hearts which bury our souls,
With soft spoken words, trembling from dry wilted lips
Our hearts beat quickly felt through our fingertips

Then the skeletons start shattering
As the closet door swings open,
Sweat, chills or tears that sting
Another barrier is broken.
Flashing colors on speeding film;
The director is shouting action;
Stories are told almost against our will
But some we edit to our satisfaction (yes we do).

Above all thought, feelings are real;
They’re not taken nor borrowed;
Then we choose to escape or deal;
With the hand life deals tomorrow.

Copyright 1982

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Hey thats cool Cat!!! Just to make you smile......you wrote that the year I was born!!!
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MAKE ME SMILE???? :laughing2 :laughing2 You just made me pull a few gray hairs out! :laughing2 :laughing2 *whaaaaaaaaaa*


:laughing2 Who loves ya'? hahaha! :laughing2

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha...Sorry love, just couldn't help myself!!! ha ha ha :laughing:
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Another wonderful poem Cat! You do beuatiful work. I hope your book is going well. I used to be an English tutor so if you ever need an editor or 1st reader just let me know!
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Oh...thank you soooo much Adrienne! I will definitely keep that in mind! I know I'm going to need some help with that! Thank you so much for the offer and thank you again for your encouragement!

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