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Kitty Carrier Troubles

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I need tips. Kash and I live out in the middle of no where literally....Her vet is about 45 miles away (30 mins if you speed ) anyhow. We picked up a kitty carrier at WalMart (better known as the only place to shop). the carrier is plenty big enough for her, and came with her own cute food and water dish and we put toys in there and "Mom and Dad smelling items", thinking she would be okay. well we decided to go out for a ride and try adn get her used to her carrier. well once we got her in there she started crying, and got absolutly frantic. she was trying to stick her nose out of the grate and was spilling her food and her water.

we dont know what to do, but she kinda needs to get used to it. We did finally take her out after we went 1/2 mile to our Shell gas station for lunch. once she was out she was fine adn just sat there and looked out the back window. Any ideas?
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Take the door off and leave it out at home with her favorite cat bed tucked in it and/or a towel, with some toys in there. If she absolutely won't go in, take off the top, and let her learn to use that bottom section as a safe, comfy bed with her toys etc.....then after a week or so of her being comfortable with it that way, move to her being comfortable with it having the top on but no door....next - have it put together and take her on a short trip around the block in it (or for a mile out and then back home), etc.

That would be what I would try
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I agree with Pat there!

If you leave the carrier out, then she will be able to get used to it and put her smell on it. It won't be so intimidating for her and she won't associate it with going on horrible drives!

I leave my carriers out all the time and Molly and Tibby have fun playing in them and Molly sleeps in it! I also take them for short drives, as Tibby is a terrible traveller - usually - and he is improving each time we travel!

I hope it works for you!

By the way, Kash is adorable!
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And I would also suggest you don't put food or water in the carrier. Or if you have more than one kitty, put a good traveler in with her for comfort. (I'm guessing you don't have another kitty, or you would already have a carrier, right?)

Our outside big guy Will hates riding in the carrier. He cries and digs all the way to the vets office, then hops out once we get there all purrs and cuddles, even for the vet and techs! So even if kitty never gets used to the idea, it is okay to use the carries anyhow. (Just hard on Meowmies nerves for such a long drive!)
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Get a tape or CD with classical music with harps. Some Celtic tapes (as long as they have harps) will do the trick. I've transported feral cats in carriers in my car and once I turn the music on, for some reason it calms them down. Doesn't work with other types of music.

Many of my cats hate the trip to the vet (and we're a 10 minute drive). They scream on the way there and are totally silent on the return ride.
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well i have to tell you that, my kitty hates going outside, he will cry and pt his ears back, make his tail curl inside his tummy and wont walk, this goes for the cat carrier too...

so i have no idea how i could help you, but the rest have given you very good advice
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lol thanks for the tips....we'll have to try them... but unlike your kitty Fwan, she will at least go outside and walk outside....only if im some where close....even in the rain....she starts bounding away.
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My cats also used to HATE their carrier. It would take me atleast 20 minutes to get them in. Then when they were finally in they screamed like I was killing them the entire time they were in the carrier. I did what the above posters said but it still never got any better until I got the soft-side carrier. Since I got it things are much better. To get them in all I have to do is toss a treat in and they walk right in and they are much happier when they are in the soft-side carrier than the normal one. It was well worth the $30.00. Princess and Patsy even sleep in it during the day sometimes. I attached a link to a picture of one similar to the one I bought.

Soft-side carrier from Petsmart
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MA, what an excellent article. I really need to take the time to go through the article archives.
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