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A friends foster kittens...

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I went to visit the shelter I volunteer with, and one of the women at the center who I like quite a bit told me they put her little foster kittens to sleep. I had met them each once (they were two different little bottle babies) and I felt so bad for her. What makes is so hard is she had been thinking of adopting one of them she loved him so much. He was the one who started acting sick, and when she got him to the vet it turned out he had panleukopenia. They immediatly put him to sleep. The other kitten tested negative, but since he had been exposed they just put him to sleep too.

I didn't know what to say to her except how sorry I was and that I felt for her. The world can be so hard and cruel, someone needs to remember and love the little kittens who didn't even make it past a full month of life. How unfair.
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Oh poor babies that's very sad, my heart goes out to your friend
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How sad. I am soooo sorry. I am very worried about my little babies as well
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Not knowing what to say is always to hard. For myself, when someone includes, "If you ever want to talk" or "Please let me know how I can help you" is comforting, even if I don't think that I would ever reach out. You might light a candle for her little ones and then tell her about it; maybe even buy a pretty candle holder & then you can describe it to her. What a sad situation for her; all her hopes and efforts dashed to the ground. Life is cruel sometimes. Your friend's actions showed true love & courage when she chose to spare her kittens the suffering that awaited them. and for that we are all so grateful. My best wishes to all you wonderful volunteers who risk heart & effort rescuing those so-deserving cats & kittens...Blessings on you all! Susan
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Oh, that is heartbreaking! Please let her know that you posted here, and many thoughts are with her at this difficult time!

That is just crushingly sad. My heart goes out to her, and to you!

But those sweet babies were loved, and cuddled, and kept warm for their entire lives. She made their short lives good. Nothing will ever change that.
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