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She is talkin!

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I might just be my imagination, or maybe its a "meow" but sounds like a word.. But i recorded cloudy sayin "Ahy" i guess the spanish speaking in my house got to her, and sayin my name "Mari" or cryin "mami" She even goes.. "Ahy! Ahy! hello? Hello?"
i left my microphone under the door so i could record it if she starts talking and so far i caught her say "ahy" and "Mari" but i really want to get her sayin "Hello?" its like shes calling to us but when we dont answer she says "Hello" To see if we reply.. It kinda creepy but its also funny to me l So anyways i will upload the file of her talking as soon as i find a host for sound files
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my kitty likes to say "ha-row" which i take as hello when i am coming home...its fun to say hello to her from the other side of the door before i come in....then she starts chirping....so cute
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My Zoey recently learned to talk and now wont shut up..lol.. she speaks in sentances..
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Rasha, one of our recently passed siamese used to talk all the time. He'd say "out" mostly....but there was this one time that was very creepy. He came up the stairs in the morning looked my mom square in the eye and said "barbie I want out"...I even came out of my bedroom and asked her if she heard what I heard. It's true. Her name is Barb by the way. Weird eh?
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i have lots of space on my website if you'd want me to host it for you for a bit
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