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I can't believe it!! I'm still in shock!

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We have a lot of birds... 6 finches, 2 parakeets, and a cockatiel, so we go to the annual bird fairs in town every year for supplies because the vendors there sell them very cheap! At every fair, they have several raffles during the day for small items (usually the most coveted is an inexpensive bird of some type) and at the end of the day on Sunday they hold a raffle for the grand prize which is usually a TV & entertainment package. I don't know how many of these we've been to, and we always go in on the raffles and buy extra tickets, too... but we never have won anything at all.

Today was the spring fair for one of the two local clubs. Their raffle items were pretty good this year... one of them was a kitty treat basket (at a bird fair? ) so I put in two or three tickets for it. The coveted bird prize was a pair of canaries in a nice cage with supplies... unusual since around here that package would cost you $250 easy. Since we've been talking about getting a canary for at least two years (but can't make ourselves pay $100 for such a tiny bird!), we put in the other 5 of our 8 tickets for that. Imagine my shock and disbelief when we won BOTH ITEMS!!!!

Mika is sure a happy boy with a pile of new toys and two pretty little things to stare at! Here are Mr. & Mrs. Sherbie (for orange sherbet of course!):

Now maybe our winning streak will continue and tomorrow night we'll be bringing home a new flat screen tv for the office!!!
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OOOOOO Pretty birdies!!! Lucky you, and lucky Mika!
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What beautiful birds! Congratulations!
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Beautiful birds, are they true colorbred, or color fed?

I miss my canaries, I had a pair of Glosters (corona and consort), when I lost my female, the male went into the flight aviary with a mateless Gouldian, some societies, a couple of zebras and a button quail.

The little finches were my brother's, I was looking after them for the 4 long years he was away at college.
I told him I'd give him the huge flight if he'd take the Gouldie, the canary and the quail as they were now a part of this mismatched flock.
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OHHhhhhh.. bottle up some of that good luck and send it over my way....
No just kiddin.... I can't complain.
CONGRATS on your new beautiful birds.
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Congratulations! Your birds are so cute, I love their colors.
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I always thought canaries were yellow only. What beautiful birds!
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they are so pretty.

I won a goldfish at a fair once. bit of a false economy as i paid 50p for my ticket and then had to spend £20 on fish supplies!
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Oh gosh they are beautiful, Good Luck tomorrow also
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They ARE beautiful!! Just curious, how do you prevent your cats from terrorizing such timid birds??? I also own birds and cats but I have a lovebird which could due some serious damage to a curious declawed paw poking at the cage and two parakeets which are out of reach on three sides and a scat mat protects the fourth side from them jumping on the cage!!

When I leave town, the birds go in our bedroom with the door shut.
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ooooooo!!! They are soo pretty! I love thier names too!
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What beautiful birds! Congrats on your wins!! Care to pass some of your luck my way?!!
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[quote=catlover67]They ARE beautiful!! Just curious, how do you prevent your cats from terrorizing such timid birds??? QUOTE]

We've only had Mika since the end of February, and when we first brought him home we set him up a kitty kamp in our bedroom so he'd bond with our smell... so we've just left it there and he stays in there during the day when we're at work. When we're home, you'll hear plenty of "MIKA!!! GET DOWN!"

Seriously, he mostly likes to stare at them but he bats at them when they're eating... the crunchie noises are too much temptation I guess. He just wouldn't leave the new kids alone for the longest time today, but after a few hours he picked a spot about five feet back and just sat there staring. Eventually we will have to figure out a better setup so that Mika can stop getting little pops on his bottom when he won't leave them alone!

Thanks everybody!!! I sure hope we get that call tomorrow!!! I'm still shocked that we won... I always get my hopes up but we sooooo never do!!! Linda, I'll send you some if we win tomorrow! LOL we need it all right now just in case!
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Beautiful birds, are they true colorbred, or color fed?
You know, we don't know (I've never read up on them and know little about canaries yet), but I would suspect color fed because the club member who was handling the raffle suggested the food. Since they did come from a raffle we don't even know who the breeder was!

Ours are Zebra finches but Gouldians are sooo beautiful. I would've loved to have had some, but I think the canaries might be our last birdie acquisition for a long time. We have so many! 11 birds is a lot for a little house! LOL!!!
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Originally Posted by Chester&Piper
What beautiful birds! Congrats on your wins!! Care to pass some of your luck my way?!!

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11 Birds! Hello mellow fellow bird cat junkie!
I wish I could get just a little of the luck you are having!

Mom to 11 birds, 4 cats..
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Even true colorbreds are fed color food to keep their plummage bright, I guess the only real way to know would be to stop feeding color food, or, wait till they breed and see what color the chicks' pinfeathers come in as

Whichever they are, congrats, and enjoy them, you can't help but smile when a canary is warbling his head off

I did bird rescue for a few years, I gave up my bedroom to the birds and slept in my recliner.
20-60 birds at any given time

The Quaker hen I have now was my first rescue.
The others (mostly doves, fancy pigeons, cockatiels and budgies) all went to loving homes, the cockatiels though were wild, they went to an outdoor aviary setup.

Abby, my Quaker, I have no idea how many homes she'd had, she was 6 when I got her and had spent at least 2 years in a finch sized cage, her wings are atrophied.
She hates everyone, but loves me to death.
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