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CeeCee still peeing all over

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I posted here awhile back that my daughters kitten (OK, not really a kitten, she's 2 but she's the baby of our 3 cats so she's the kitten hehe), CeeCee, had peed 2x on our bed. One time I will admit was not her fault, as my neice had accidently shut her in our bedroom (though I'd told her to make sure the door was left open because of the cats) She then did it again, which I thought may have been 2 things: either she smelled where she'd peed before (drycleaned the feather duvet and cover, didn't know about enzyme cleaners) or a UTI. We've been keeping her out of our bedroom now, except at night when we are sleeping, since we can't monitor her every move (she is a cat, the masters of stealth LOL) So, I took her to the vet, and even though they couldn't get a urine sample, they put her on antibiotics anyway. She took the course, however, it doesn't seem things have improved.

This past week we had to take her and our other 2 kitties to their "nanas", as we were having company that are highly allergic to cats and we spent all week cleaning up the cat hair as best we could (they are very used to staying at my mum's, as we dog sit for them every winter and live at their house with the cats). The night we dropped them off, she peed on my daughters raincoat.

Then, last night, she peed on my daughters beach blanket (daughter uses it as a blankie). We've also discovered a shirt of mine that she'd peed on and it was so bad I had to throw it away, a pair of my husbands shoes (was from awhile ago, didn't discover it until after he'd worn them today...ewww) and possibly on a garbage bag that had had linens for a garage sale we are having.

Unfortunately, it's a holiday weekend so I'll have to wait til Tues. to call the vet. I'm considering changing just cause the new vet at our office didn't seem too thrilled at my kitty and her anti-vet attitude. She just hasn't seemed content since we moved into our new house in Nov. It makes me so sad and I'm running short of ideas if this peeing isn't health-related.
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I agree to switch vets. If the vet you're going to doesn't seem to like cats, you won't get your moneys' worth. Find a vet-friendly kitty.

Even if you can't bring in a cat urine sample, often times the vet can still get one from the cat by doing something called "expressing the bladder." I don't know how it works exactly, but it produces urine for a sample for testing.

It sounds like your cat started doing this out of the blue. Getting her checked again for a feline UTI is a smart move.

If she's clear for an infection, then I would suggest trying to keep her confined to one room with food, water, and a clean litter box. This way, if she doesn't use the box, the damage is limited to one room.

On the subject of litter boxes, let me ask this:

Do you scoop out the waste as soon as possible?
Do you dump the old litter about every two weeks and scrub out the litter box, then put clean, fresh litter in?
Where's the litter box located? It could be your kitty doesn't like the location. Can you try a different spot? Maybe one of the spots she's urinated on?
Have you changed litter brands recently? If so, this could be her way of telling you she doesn't like the litter brand. Can you change back?

These ideas are simply to jog your mind into considering different possibilities. Try these, if they apply, and let us know how things are working.

Use a good enzyme cleaner like Simple Solution or Nature's miracle to clean the spots, to get rid of the cat urine odor.
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