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EWwww Eating mouses!

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Today i was playing with cloudy and she ran under the bed and she came out with something in her mouth and it looked like a long string so i chased her and i saw it was a mouse! i ran away from her LOL but i just wanted to kno if she can get sick from that?! i dont kno if she ate it cuz she took it back under the bed so i cant see her .. But she got her rabies shot last month.. i hatee mouses ekk!
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she should be wormed if she's eating them but as long as it was alive when she caught it the mouse won't do much harm.

it should be discouraged because of the possibility of disease or the animal having eaten rat poison but it's not fatal.
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cats are going to catch small creatures whatever you do to try and stop them so just let her play with it a while then take it away. you can give her a treat or toy instead to distract her.

just make sure she's current on shots and is wormed reguarly.
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as long as it was a healthy mouse, she'll be fine.
If she ate a diseased mouse, that is another matter.
Keep an eye on her.

Oh, and ewwwww.
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would eating mice make a tummy swell up like being pregnant?
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My only advice is to do be current on all shots and specifically request Cloudy to be dewormed during the annual checkup. If you notice any behavior/health changes and end up at the vet, mention Cloudy's proclivity for catching/eating mice when presenting all your background information.

If Nano presents another dead mouse to me, I will give her treats and then dispose of the carcass when she's not looking.

(One time Nano escaped, then came back an hour later and pawed the door wanting to come inside. Next morning I noticed a dead mouse left near the front door. It took a while for me to put 2+2=4 together.)
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