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Toilet training CAN be done!

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Check this out you guys, I found this a month ago, but I dont think I ever posted it.


If this product ever makes it to the states I am going to try it....

Seirously read that.
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Wow. We only have one potty in the house so that really isn't an option for us. It would be annoying to remove the litter each time we need to use the WC. Excelent idea though!
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Here is another option that is already in the US http://www.citikitty.com/

We only have one bathroom in our house too and I am attempting to toilet train because I dont care to have a litter box in every room of my house, Yes I have as many rooms as cats in my pathetically small rental.

I have tried once before and would have succeded if the cat had not fallen in do to my judgement error and she has never gone near a toilet again.
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Actually, toilet training a kitty is quite easy (YY's mom was toliet trained until she had her kittens - and the woman who shows her opted to give her the choice. A wise decision since many cats who have been toliet trained have developed arthritic conditions - it may be the unatural way they have to sit, I don't know.

But it entirely up to the person (I doubt anyone ever "owns" a cat) but cats will opt to go naturally and the toliet benefits the humans more than the cat and I think the choice should be made with the cat's benefit and health in mind, I considered doing it with YY till I resecrhed the issue to death and ended up vetoing it.

But I do know ppl who do it and their cats seem fine for the moemnt.
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I'm all for the toilet training - check out this link!

And CyberK - I'm curious - where did you read about health problems developing with cats who use a toilet? I did some pretty extensive reading up on the topic myself and never saw anything of the sort. To me it seems a no brainer.
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I am in the process of trying to toilet train right now. It is working better than I thought.
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