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Going crazy!!!!!

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I seriously feel like I am going crazy! My cat Alice is pregnant. It's been about 2 months I believe , but not sure, since she got pregnant. Her tummy is big, she's been having a tiny bit of milk for about 2 weeks now, on May 10th a big yellowish brownish blob came out of her and she ate it. I believe that was her mucous plug. Then on Saturday a pinkish blob came out and she ate that. Still nothing!!! She's been nesting, and is constantly grooming herself. I can also feel lumps in her tummy. I'm not sure if I feel them moving or if it's her moving because usually when I'm feeling she's cleaning herself. Is there a huge difference in their personality when they go into labor? I really feel like it's never going to happen and I'm totally going crazy. I really want to be there when it happens so I've been spending alot of time with her the last couple of weeks. Do most cats give birth during the day or night? Or does it not really matter? Do they all stop eating? I will feel soo stupid if she's not even pregnant. I really feel she is though wilth all of her symptoms. I would take her to the vet but I'm really broke right now. Please give some advice please!!!
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Personally, I would find the money and take her to the vet.
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I'm going to take her next week when I get paid but that doesn't help me right now.
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Does anyone have any advice for me? Has anyone else's cat's gone through these same symptoms? How long do cats usually give birth after they lose their mucous plug? And what was the pinkish blob that came out? I've been reading stuff on the internet but haven't found any answers to my questions. I feel like I'm losing it. I really feel that almost 2 weeks after her mucous plug came is a long time. She should have had them by now. Please help!!!!!
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If she is pregnant, she will eventually have the kittens. With people, I think they can lose the mucous plug before going into labor. But I don't know the length of time that is normal.
Has she ever been seen by a vet? If you have a relationship with a vet, maybe you can call them and have some questions answered.
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Calm down, my dear ... Alice is probably just fine. So long as she is eating, drinking and potty'ing normally, she will have those kittens when she is good and ready to. Just make sure you have her all set up with a suitable and appropriate nesting place.

Most cats give birth just fine and without any complications. The normal gestation period is somewhere between 60 and 70 days, so you may still have a little wait.

If you haven't already, please read the sticky posts at the top of this Forum's index and you should be just fine.
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Thank you so much. I'm just soo anxious and the waiting is soo hard. Now I know what it felt like for my husband when I was having out babies! She is eating, drinking, pottying, playing, and doing everything normally. She's very healthy too. Anyways I'm sure she'll have them soon and I'll let everyone know when she does.
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