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I'm gonna be 16!!!

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ONE WEEK AWAY FROM BEING 16!!!!!!! YIPPEE! For my birthday, we're going to Al Capones, a dinner theatre, with my WHOLE family! I'm SO excited! I can't wait to BE 16!!! I'm only sad that my niece can't make it to my party. But, I'm sure we'll have fun, still! We're going the 28th... it's a day late, but my b-day is on Friday, and Saturday everyone's free.

I am getting a CAR! YAY! I have to get a job, first, and then my license (can't get til June 18th, though), but then, THE CAR'S ALL MINE! YAY! I'll be driving EVERYWHERE!
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Happy Birthday early! A dinner theater sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you have a wonderful Sweet 16!
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Happy upcoming Birthday!

My ds is 16, and that is a fun age. Have a great time at your party!
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Happy Sweet Sixteen! That is definitely a great age to be Have fun at the dinner theater, it sounds really neat!
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Happy Sweet 16. Be careful with your car when you get it.
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J/K! Hope you have a greeeeaaaat birthday! Jeeves is bringing you a cake:

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Oh Cassie!! I am so excited for you!! I remember how excited I was for my 16. And you are getting a car. That is wonderful!! I can't wait to see pictures of you in the car!! Get some pictures from your bday too and share with us! We'd love to see your whole family. Hopefully CJ and Billy get you something nice!! (Not more cjbilly minis lol)
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oo sweet 16th!
it sounds weird, that you can get a car and your license at 16... gosh im nearly 19.. and i dont even have either of them
I hope you have a great day though
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Happy Birthday!!!

Hope you get lots of nice things!

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Happy Birthday to Cassie


Now you know why no one lets me sing Karaoke
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Lucky you! Happy (early) birthday!
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LOL, thanks everyone, but I'm not 16 yet!
I am getting my mom's car. A 2004 Cavalier Coupe. It's Rally Yellow. I like it, it's a nice little car. I got a picture of it from off the Chevy Website. That's pretty much it, except that it doesn't have dark tinted windows.
My dad works for Chevy, so we got an excellent price on it, that's why I'm getting that one, and my mom is getting a Equinox! YAY!

Here's my car!
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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
Here's my car!

Can we go to a ride with you!!! ......

Yay Cassie we´re ready for your bithday party!!!! Party!!!!!

The tequilas sunrises and the margarites are on my own!!!
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Happy early birthday, Cassie!!! Your car is fabulous!!! Please be very safe in it, though!!!

Let us know how the party goes!!!
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I hope you have a great birthday. Congrats on your new car, it looks really nice.
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Aw how exciting! Not long until I'm 16! Your car is hot!
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Happy early birthday!!!

I hope you have a great day!!!!!
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