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question about posting websites

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Hi everyone,

I am going to ask this first, before doing so. Am I able to post my website within the messages, or MUST i go to the advertising section? I'm not selling anything though, just merely a pet directory. thanks
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We ask that you not post a message just about your website. However, you are welcome to put a link to your website in your signature that will show on all of your posts (see mine below ). However, if there is information that can be of direct assistance to a question posted, i.e. I saw that you have a Rescue Groups section that has links to breed specific rescues, it's OK to post relevant information and links.

If you would like to consider an advertising campaign in The Marketplace or elsewhere on the site, please contact our Marketing Director at maryanne@thecatsite.com.

Thank you for asking first. We do appreciate it.
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Yes we surely do appreciate being asked first. As Heidi said, a discreet text link in your signature line is allowed. No direct push to have people come to your website in the main body of the thread is allowed, nor any contests running from you site will be allowed, as TCS and its sister site Meowhoo.com run contests monthly.
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I'm not really sure what you guys are all talking about, but on our local newspaper forums we can post links by using html code like this:

<a href="http://www.thecatsite.com">A Great Site on Cats</a>

I'm doing this to see if it will work. If not, then maybe you can show me another way.


Rick and Brenda
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Well, I can see right now that what I thought would work, didn't work. Maybe Ann could turn on that ability. If so, it would sure be nice.


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The problem isn't that that we don't allow any posting of links, but rather that this forum uses VB code and not HTML. We ask that links are not posted to commercial websites that benefit the poster, or to other forums with the purpose of garnering members from this website.
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Well, when I view source this page with my browser, I see the outer shell in html and Javascript. It would appear that this function could be made available if the webmaster wanted to do it. Perhaps there is a way to build webpages in VB code, but that one is new to me. HTML has been the building block of web sites for years and Javascript or J++ is a great shortcut to add animation to the pages without volumnious lines of html code. I know that in my hometown newspaper, the sysop has merely to manipulate the code to either turn off or turn on our ability to display other websites with re-lettered messages.

Just wondering

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This forum utilizes vB code, developed by the writers of vBulletin. There are icon links when you create a post that link to most of the code, but this will explain most of vB code to you.
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Kitty Ripper,

I believe we are talking apples and oranges here. The actual site is built with html, but the forums are a vBulletin product. Since we are talking about posting a link within the context of a forum post, one would use the vB code.

And yes, it's possible to activate html on the forums, but we choose not to.
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Thanks, Deb. It would appear that VBulletin is an enhanced html code and appears to have some javascript blended in. Now we're on the same page. That was a great link, but when I do my page, I guess I will stick with html. My site would never be this elaborate, but it is amazing what you can do with the code. When you said VB, I mereley assumed Visual Basic.

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The forums (and the main site too) are scripted in PHP which allows for a dynamic website. The server then interpretes the code and generates the HTML for the page you are viewing.

"BB" or "vB" code is just special simplified commands for forums to make things such as adding images and making fancy text easy for end users like you.
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