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She popped!

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My cat had a new littler of kittens today...She was acting weird today....At first she completely ignored me ..Then she wanted me to follow her and I opened the doors to the rooms she wanted in and the closet door and she climbed into the closet and into a box of video tapes in a dark corner..Then I knew that she was in labor...So I went to make her a bed but she didnt want to be alone so I made my friend Katie stay and talk to her while I pulled out my bottom dresser drawer and made her a nest...Hours later she had four kittens...Then just when we thought she was done...We went to the store and came back and I changed the bedding..And they were six......And she is finished now and they seem pretty healthy cause she isnt trying to kill them and they are all eating...There are Three black ones, One grey and white, One white, And one black and orange..

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awww how cute!!! post pics soon!!!
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Aw, congrats! Glad all are doing well. Yes, pics soon please!
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Wonderful news!! Six new babies. What a shock to come home and find a few extra then when you left! Congrats and enjoy watching them grow. I'm so jealous. Post some images when you have time!
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