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UPdate On Mom....Surgery & ICU...

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Mom's surgery went well today. The surgeon said that it was a good thing that they got her in as her gall bladder was about to rupture. She has been moved to ICU, bcause she was having a little bit of trouble with her breathing. She is doing well but I really hate to see her on those machines Mom is also in the ICU room that Dad was in before he died....I hope she doesn't realize that it is the same room where Daddy was for so long

All in all it has been a very stressful day. I spent the night with Mom last night so I could be there with her before going into surgery. I knew just how scared she was of the surgery. She didn't have a very good night and we both were up most of the night. Tonight as far as I know right now my sister or one of my brothers is staying tonight in the ICU waiting room so I could come home to get some rest. I will be back up there first thing in the morning.

I just wanted to give everyone an update on how Mom is doing. Please continue to pray for her.
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I hope your mother has a speedy recovery, you are all in my thoughts and prayers
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Hi Cathi,

Glad to hear your mom did well. I hope she has a speedy recovery!
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Thinking of you and your loved ones during this difficult time.
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Prayers for her full recovery, and your peace of mind. How difficult for you that it is the same room. Maybe as she improves, they will "kick" her out of there, and over to the regular floor real soon!
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Dear Cathi, don´t get Nervous
Your mom is in my prayers...
Thanks for the uptdated... try to rest chick...
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Thank you for the update, Cathi. I pray that she will get out of ICU very, very soon!
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Cathi I'm glad the surgery went well for you. I hope that your mum recovers really quickly and is out of ICU soon. Sending lots of good vibes your way
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Cathi, I'm glad to hear that your Mom's surgery went well, and I'm praying for a speedy recovery for her, and peace for you. Remember to take care of yourself!
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I'll say a prayer for your mother. I really hope she gets well soon.
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Thank you all for the vibes and well wishes for Mom She is doing well, they did take the breathing machines off of her yesterday afternoon so she could breathe on her own Her color has improved a lot. She went from the yellow Jaundice look to a much more healthy pink color, not quite normal just yet though.

We are hoping that today she will be moved to a regular room. I will be heading up that way in just a few minutes to see her, I needed to do a little laundry and stuff here before I head up that way Work is never over is it?
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That's great news that she's starting to come around.
Hugs for you and her.
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All the best for a speedy recovery
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Glad to hear you Mum is doing well. She is in my thoughts.
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Cathi i'm so pleased it's over for your mum and that she's doing great
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