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Feels good, doesn't it ? I did that last December, it took two beers on an empty stomach at the local BBQ pub to screw up the courage! With me I'd been trying to grow it long for as long as we'd been married (16+ yrs at the time) but it absolutely refused to get any longer than a straggly mid-back as my hair is baby fine and breaks easily. It was just extremely hard to get 16+ years whacked off all at one go . Unfortunately I haven't found anybody yet that has done as well at trimming it as the girl who originally cut it and I didn't get her name .
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Wow! Just caught this thread. You look absolutely stunning Fran!!!! Without a doubt years younger!!!! I remember you commenting that this was something you were pondering for a long time when I had mine cut off a few months back.

Don't you love taking care of it now? I still forget and pour too much shampoo on mine, even though I have half the hair. My daily headaches are gone except for the occassional allergy related headache. My husband fought me to keep it long for 15 years and finally admitted last night that he thinks I'm far more sexy now than before it was cut.

I'm doing the happy hair cut dance for you - keep your stylist - she knows what she is doing!!

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Wow! Fran what a great hair do. You look GREAT! It's true - you do look years younger.
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Frannie!!! What a Brave Girl!!!
I love the Long Hair but you looks Terrific!!!
everyone needs a change....but don´t forget to let to grew up again your lovely hair my dear! ..
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You look FABULOUS!!! I agree with everyone eles, it makes you look younger!!!

You look beautiful---work it, girl!!!
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I trimmed about a foot off when mine got to the point where the ends would get stuck in my butt crack when I showered, but I haven't been able to go that short!

I guess I'm a bit of a coward...
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That looks absolutely great on you!!!! Good for you!
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you look great!
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aww fran i think it looks fantastic!
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Thanks again everyone! Yes, we are pleased, we are!

Got up this morning, and it looked as if I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards (as my Mum used to say), but a damp rubdown and a bit of gel, and we're back in business! Oh, yes, we are pleased, indeed.

And, yes, I do plan to keep that stylist. One thing I had been anxious about was the prospect of going into some salon, where -- obviously! -- I would not be known, and some gung-ho stylist wanting to do overly trendy things. I did make my decision of where to go, based on loading the dice against that, but still you never know. So, it was a major relief to sit there and know she was really listening to what I wanted, and even picking up on what I hadn't yet articulated. And then she did it. And -- MEGA BONUS! -- it wasn't even expensive!!
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