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Well, I did it...

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See this?...

It used to be attached to my head...

But it's not anymore...

Rob will be home in an hour or so. He knew it was coming, but it'll still be a bit of a shock, I think.
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I think your new look is fantastic!! Wow!

Are we still gonna call you Rapunzel, lol?
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Looks great! Wow, what a difference... I'm sure Rob will be surprised.
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What courage! Congratulations, it looks GREAT!!! Do you LOVE it? I do!

I used to have long hair to my waist that I abused like no other... the hair dresser who finally cut it all off said she was so proud that I could make the decision to do it because it would look and feel so much better!!!

I just know you're going to get tons of compliments!!!
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Wow Fran! Love the new 'do, you look fabulous! I bet you feel like a whole new person!
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WOW! you look amazing, the new cut really suits you.

what you going to do with all that hair you had cut off? stuff a matress! lol
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ooooooh I didn't think of that!!! Did you donate it? I think it's Locks for Love or something like that, they make wigs for cancer patients out of it and sometimes it goes to help little kids, too!
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Thanks, everyone! Yes, I do like it. It feels great. I think I lost ten pounds! I'm going to enjoy not having to think about whether this is a good time to shampoo. I'm going to enjoy not having it on my neck in the summer. Etc...

I may eventually donate it for wigs or something but for now I will keep it. I have my mum's hair that she got cut off must be 60 years ago, because it was gone in the last pictures of her before I was born. It was about the same length, but was still red.

Rob will whimper a little, but he'll be cute about it -- and I have a nice dinner for him

I thought about the Rapunzel thing, too, Ari! But I guess who I have been is still part of who I am, so it's OK.
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well I think it LQQKS Marvlous on you, really it does, I love mine short I get it cut every month...I bet you will Love it
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Wow. You look fantastic. What an absolute change. Hope your hubby likes it.
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Love the new Doo! How's it feel to be 10 lbs lighter?
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Looks great Fran, you look younger!
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Fran! you look maaavelus!
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Wow... Awesome my Friend... I love the new "do"... I bet it feels a lot lighter now and with Summer coming it'll be tonnes better.
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Wow Fran, you look great. I love the new do!
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Originally Posted by Mom of Franz
Looks great Fran, you look younger!
I agree! You look GR-R-REAT! Now I'm going to have to think about how short to go with my next cut.....!
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It looks great, I love it. Another perk, shampoo will last a lot longer now!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I'm pleased to report that Rob didn't whimper at all, until I commented that he hadn't! He liked it well enough to direct me to "keep that stylist"

A friend of mine made a similar drastic change a few years ago. When I muttered and cursed the mop a couple of weeks ago among mutual friends, they asked if I was going to "do a Lynda" to them whereupon she appeared on the scene, got caught up on the conversation and told the story of her transformation to those who had not been around at the time. Poor Dear -- I had forgotten that her husband was not amused. He didn't speak to her for three days! But then, with her, it had been VERY spur-of-the-moment, and he had NO warning. Rob's known this was coming for years! (Took a while to screw up the courage!)
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Oh wow!!
I think you look GREAT!!
My oldest daughter is 5 and her hair was down to her bottom. She begged me to cut it short but all I could handle was about 3 inches!!
You are a beautiful, brave woman.

Pic 1 is Laynee w/ long hair. (it doesnt look that long b/c I curled it) but it touched her bottom.
Pic 2 is this past Saturday (the day after we cut it)
Still long though huh??

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What a GORGEOUS kid!
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I LOVE the new cut! It looks so great on you! It takes a lot of guts to cut off hair that long. I know from experience!
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WOW Fran! I never knew you had such long hair and duhhhh now I get your username!

I think it takes years off you, and like everyone else I love your new do!
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
What a GORGEOUS kid!
AWWW.... thanks.
So are you!!
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Looks great! I bet your head feels funny without it! I used to have my hair down to almost the middle of my butt. Then I started getting headaches. I still love it long so I go between long and shoulder lenght a lot and I still can't get over the feeling after cutting so much off!
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I definitely like it! Good job!! It brings out your eyes really nicely.
Will you save a lot of time???
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Oh Fran- very nice!!! You look years younger now!
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Wow Fran, it looks wonderful!!! It really does make you look years younger. I'm diggin' it, chick!!!
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Thanks, all. Yes, E, I will save time!! I will also save elbow grease, 'cuz my hair is very dry, and when long, keeping it brushed and de-tangled is hard work, and takes a chunk of time. It will also be so lovely to be able to stick it under the shower when I feel like it, rather than when I have time to deal with it. (Thank God it doesn't grease up, or I would have been dead long since!)

Rob Jr was funny tonight. He came over for dinner, as he often does on Friday night. The roast was out and resting, and I came back downstairs until he arrived. When I heard footsteps upstairs, I knew he was here and went up. He was decanting the wine in the dining room, and I went into the kitchen to zap the veg and carve the meat, and while I was doing that, the two Robs arrived in the doorway, continuing the conversation that was in progress. Jr was saying something or other and suddenly interrupted himself with "Oh, my, that's different" ( it's important to note the propensity for understatement in that family ) However, he did express his approval.

It's true, it does take years off. Now I look like my mother (this is not a bad thing), rather than HER mother.
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Wow You look marvelous!!
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Your looks great with the new hair cut
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