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smelly question

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Hi all,
I posted about a week ago, because my kitten (7months), Chester had had some diarreha. I took him into the vet and she said she couldn't find anything wrong with him, and to bring in a stool sample. When we got home, and I got said sample, it was firm, so I called back and they said not to bother bringing it in.
Chester has very smelly poo's. They're also much lighter than most that I remember comming from our older cats. I know it's gross, but does anyone know what colour/firmness I should be looking for ideally? I'll take in a sample tomorrow if needed, but if it's just something that's normal for kittens, I'd rather avoid the cost of the tests (they said they'd only check for worms, and give antibiotics if he didn't have them). He was also wormed about a month ago.
Thanks for any help you can offer,
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How long did the diarrhea last? Maybe he just ate something that didn't agree with him. Or did you suddenly switch to a different food? If you feed wet food his stools may be a little softer and lighter in color but otherwise it should be basically the same as your other cats. Did anything new happen to him when the diarrhea occurred? Was he just neutered maybe or given a vaccine or some sort of medication?

There are a lot of reasons why he may have had diarrhea and if it was a one or two time thing then I wouldn't worry. If it is going on for days or weeks then something is very wrong. Maybe just take in a stool sample to get looked at just in case. Maybe he had worms and they aren't gone yet, maybe he picked up something else....oh, is he an outdoor cat? Outdoors they can get into all sorts of harmful things even poison or poisonous plants, it is very dangerous to keep a cat outdoors because there is a lot that COULD happen.
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The darrhea was a couple of days, which is why I took him into the vet. No fever, hydration was wonderful, weight was maintained...all of that good stuff. He's been on the same food since I got him a few months ago, so I don't think that's what it is.
His poos are very much lighter, squishier and smellier than the other cats, but the other cats are seniors and tend to get hairballs/constipated. Pretty much theirs comes out hard, which is why I can't compare to theirs. I can't remember what normal poos look like (as strange as that sounds).
Thing is nothing has changed. No vacinations, neuterings (that stuff was done last month), he's an indoor cat unless I take him out on a leash and we don't use chemical insecticides or fertilizers so it's nothing from the grass. I guess next time he lets a really smelly one go I'll bring in a sample, it's the responsible thing to do and I'm being silly to wait.
Do you know if coccidia and giardia respond to antibiotics? The vet said she'd just test for worms and give me antibiotics if that didn't work.
*edit* I didn't realize that they were worms themselves. *edit*
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