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Buttercup gets fixed next week!

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Ms. Buttercup is getting spayed next Tuesday, and I'm so happy, I can get rid of the serenade of males outside everyweek

I've heard that when cats get fixed it changes their attitude. Right now I have a time keeping her out of things. Right now she takes a strong interest in jumping on top of my fishtank and taking a dip after the fish sometimes she just gets hyper and runs laps around the apartment too.

I have to drop her off that morning and pick her up that afternoon. What should I expect when I pick her up? will she still be in pain or anything?
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there is no cure for the hyper cat..lol.. I have my ownwho loves to swat at fish ... Glad she is getting fixed
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Hi Ms Buttercup,
I was spayed at 6 months. I was really sore for a few days. Mum made my brother leave me alone until I felt better. Soon I was back to my wild self. Don't tell your mum but you will still want to get the fish in the tank.
Let me know how you are feeling when you come home.
Your friend,
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Ugh. the fishtank problem is really out of control. I've done everything I can to keep her from doing that. I even bought a bigger tank this weekend, it's even taller, and she's already jumping on it, this time leaving the lid open, I'm quite livid right now
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my Cedar jumps up onto our tank as well (it holds frogs) - nothing I do seems to deter him... if you come up with a solution let me know

buttercup will be fine after her spay, probably just a little sore and sleepy - give her time to sleep and relax and she will be just fine
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Buttercup will be in my thoughts!
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yea I guess I have to get used to it. She's always been scared of my Zumbah so I sat that on top. I came home and found it knocked over lol I'm gonna try the spray bottle trick and see if that helps
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