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When it rains.. It pours!

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I was never this crazed over my animals.. I love them to death and have given up all forms of human contact in order to be be with them as much as possible but I was never so crazy about any little thing out of the ordinary...I let you know that so you could take into consideration that I may just e over reacting.

I had posted once about my youngest cat who after being neutered was very vocal and had a pawing problem when he was not cuddling at my feet. My foot fetish cat never changed back preNeuter. I adore him now that I am not worried.... Well, Just the other week my roommate moved out suddenly and took her two cats with her. This leaves me with 2. My youngest was very close with hers and flipped out quickly. He spent 3 days meowing at my toes and trying to climb the wall thinking they may be in the roof. My oldest who is almost 2 was not very bothered by our lose and did his thing although as much as he tried to hide it I saw he was a bit depressed.. Well, He is like his mother b/c he stressed himself sick.

2 in the moring we left for the dr. My youngest flipped out and his everyday seperation anxiety went to a whole new level. Her cats and now him.. he thought thy were allll leaving. I spent hours at the emergency vet and only left with more bills and an anti inflamatory shot for my cat... Oh, sorry.. he has inflamed bladder...He is not blocked... thank god. I worked at a vet so I went home to wait for them to open. When I arrived they took him for the night.. antibiotic shots... fluids.. urine tests... blah blah blah.. So, now that I am in debt forever or lose my first born -he is home {and he better have holy water in him from that IV.} We hope that the antibiotics work but nothing is for sure.. My problem is.. He heard me walk in the vet and screamed. When I went back he jumped into my arms and became a couple bug.. He sat in the passanger seat while buckled into his seat belt. He purred and pawed at me playfully allll the way home. Jumped into my arms when we stopped and enjoyed the ride on my shoulders all the way up the apt. stairs.. Got into the apt. and now he is depressed and hardly wants my love... not like him.. Whats wrong?
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wow...poor stressed out kitties. He needs lots of reassurance and love. His whole world has been turned upside down.

He's reacting to all the changes in his kitty life, apparently. Have you considered using flowering essences, like Homeopathic Nerve Ease or Bach's Rescue Remedy to help him through this difficult time? Like humans, he needs something to help ease him through this difficult patch in his life.
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Thanks for your reply. I know you are extremely right but for some reason I have this feeling in my stomach that it is worse then stress. I am overly stressed myself so I seem to over worry and get paranoid. I hope I am wrong and it is only stress and recovery
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Did you know that you can also use the Bach's Rescue Remedy for yourself, as well as kitty? I do the drops from time to time when I'm really clutching at the ceiling tiles!

Take care,
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Rescue Remedy is very good for me, doesn't do much for the kitties(in my experience) but it calms me down an awful lot!
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