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Just a quick question for all.....

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Does anyone know what kinds of cats DON'T shed? I know that the hairless Sphinx doesn't but are there any others?
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I have heard that the Cornish Rex is another breed that doesn't shed.
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Thanks. are the others? sorry I was wondering cause I have a friend that wants a cat that doesn't shed(why I will never know I personally love my cats, hair and all!)
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IMO, Bengals really don't shed that much. The only time they shed is when it gets hot out or when they are shedding their winter coat, too.
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Sorry I just have to say - Cornish Rexes DO shed!! ha ha ha ha...believe me I find Curly hair all the time!! ha ha ha, really though, they do shed very little, and cos their fur is so short it really doesn't notice that much.... its just that if you have a white top on, and you cuddle a black Rex, you're still gonna get fur on you - all be it only a little bit! They are also meant to be good for people with allergies, apparently cos the coat is so soft and short, they don't groom it much, and thats what most people are allergic to - the saliva....They are wonderful cats though (here goes my bragging bit...hee hee)LOTS of FUN and VERY entertaining!! you will never be bored with a Rex in the house!! (don't worry though, they're not nuts........well.... ) There is also the Devon Rex who are very similar, but have more of a "pixie" type face they don't shed much either I think.... hope that helps!!

(PS, if you need any pics of an extremely hansome black Cornish Rex... I can help you out ya know!)
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I think the bottom line is:

"Anything that has hair, human or otherwise, sheds it just depends on how much". In the case of cats some shed more like Persian and some less like Bengals, but there will always some sort of shedding.
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Yup, unless you're going for the Sphynx, there really is no cat that doesn't shed. If you're like mine though, who goes under my furniture and pulls out all those nasty dust bunnies for me, then it's a beneficial trade off. I'd say the shorter the hair, the better, but again I'm no expert. I know there's a couple of cat breeders around here, what do you folks think?
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Thanks everyone! I don't understand why you'd want a cat if you don't want hair on stuff..I personally think that my friend should get one of those....oh shoot, what are they called??? the things that are look like cats but are toys??? Oh heck now I can't think of the name......but anyway he needs a cat like that. Guaranteed not to get hair on ANYTHING (since it doesn't have any to begin with!LOL!)
yes, i think that is what I'll tell him...LOL!

Tigger, Brad likes your pics and I am slowly conditioning him into getting another cat! LOL! He is resisting but I show him your pics and he seems interested but I can't seem to get him to want it so much he needs to get one asap! LOL!
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Barb, thats easy!

Just find an excuse (any excuse will do) to get Brad to the shelter , once he see's all the needy kitties close up and personal...how could he resist?

May not be the most ethical method, but its effective! :laughing2
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LOL..are you talking about the Meow-Chi??
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I heard somewhere that Siamese don't shed very much...
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this is a tough one. Rascal dosen't shed. I think its because I feed him Eukanuba together with Whiskas and Iams. I mix them all together so he will have several things to taste. I also feed him whiskas canned grounded meal. Tell your friend that she could get a domestic shorthair and feed either Iams or Eukanuba or both. They are expensive but its worth it. It leaves your cat's coat smooth and shiny. Actually, Eukanuba is not expensive. If you go to a petstore like Petsmart or Petco, they sell a big bag for $15.00, I think. But it lasts long because Rascal only eats a few bites.
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My shorthaired cats shed nearly as much as my long haired ones. True, the good quality food they eat lends to a shiny, healthy coat, but it doesn't keep them from shedding- reduces it maybe, but doesn't stop it. I think if you decide to have a cat (or dog for that matter) as a pet, you have to be prepared for hair everywhere. Personally, I think its adds to things....makes the furniture a little softer :tounge2: :laughing: :LOL: Hubby doesn't agree,especially when the kitties have been sleeping in his dresser on his best clothes :tounge2:
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cleo, it isn't that easy. He is very stubborn and bull headed even with cute cuddly kitties. he can resist ours trying to get at our food where as I am the sucker and give in all the time.
Sandie, yes I think that is the name of the thing I am talking about! LOL! hey personally if you want an animal that doesn't shed, then you SHOULD get something like that don't you think?
Tasha, I have heard something like that but I know they shed as much as the average cats(well at least kittens) do.
nena what kind of cat is Rascal again?oh now i see it, domestic short haired right?
Melissa I agree completely with what you are saying! If you don't want the hair then don't get the animal. get a stuffed cat or something. Of course a stuffed cat will shed also so I think I should tell my friend that there aren't any cats that don't shed. think he'll buy it and get something else instead?
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I went to Petsmart on Saturday to buy some food among other things. I bought a bag of Eukanuba kitten food. I was shocked to see on my receipt that it was only $10.99! WOW! So, I put the stuff in the car & ran back inside, & sure enough..... Eukanuba is $3.00 off! So, I bought 2 more bags. I think it's on sale til the end of this week..... Which means, I'm going back for more! :LOL:
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Tigger- how many kittens and cats do you have? If You don't have many, be careful. Its okay for cats but for kittens, I don't know. I had a bag of Iams and Eukanuba that lasted a long time when I had Jake. I had bought another brand and I didn't get to open it until I got Rascal. Then, when I got him, the lady gave me another small bag of Iams. Rascal is almost three months old and I have a whole bunch of food. I think he will outgrow it because he dosen't eat much.
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We have a total of 5 cats. Scooter & Kittens are kittens...... Well, ok, Scooter is 6 months & Gizmo will be 11 months this month. Tigger eats the Eukanuba, too. But, Fluffy & Cinnamon eat Iams.
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