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losing my sanity!

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there is this epedemic going on here of a viral infection that's really nasty, and my kids ( girl 2 yrs, boy 6mo's)have been sick for over 2 weeks, and the lack of sleep and constant crying is making me crazy...not to mention the constant worrying! my daughter has croupe, and the baby is borderline for pneumonia, and they both have sinus infections and ear infections! and to top it all off the baby just got his first teeth 2 at the same time right in the middle of being sick! i feel so helpless, and i've tried everything...humidifiers, steam, vapor plugs, you name it i've tried it! and my husband works in a restaraunt and the health inspectors came by yesterday and got him all paranoid about these viruses, so last night i stayed up late wiping the whole house down with a bleach solution, because they said that's the only thing that will kill the virus...and i can't very well bleach their stuffed animals so they told me to freeze them...so now there are teddy bears in the freezer i hope they get better soon i need some rest!
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Dear Meiam... sending (((((Good vibes))))))) for you!
sometimes we have hard times.. But, Don´t give it up!
Animo! .........
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Aw sweetie - that's awful! I know what it's like at the moment. Alex has just gotten over a nasty viral infection - he had it in November, and because he's asthmatic it goes straight for his chest. It left him with a weak chest and a dry cough for months. Now that the warmer weather is coming in he's well and truly on the mend. All you can really do with viruses is keep your kids hydrated. My doctor advised giving them flattened fizzy drinks because they're absolutely crammed with the sugars they need. I'm afriad that's all the wisdom I could impart - I really, really hope they all start to get better soon
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Oh Merriam, I'm sure it is all overwhelming for you, but when the kids are grown, you'll look back on this time and laugh.......

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thank you all so much for your thoughts and good vibes! i'll probably look back in a week and laugh! i just hate when my babies are sick! and i think these viuses get worse and worse every year!
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Alas, Sanity is overrated. Don't sweat it darlin'. If you lose your sanity you will fit in nicely with 99% of the human race.

Funny how a virus is 1 billionth our size, yet it totally kicks our arses & knocks us to the floor, eh?

I had viral pneumonia, what a buster that was! I didn't think you could kill a virus? I thought it had to run it's course and be gone? That's what I was told. You can kill bacteria but not a virus??? Mine didn't die slowly either, them little suckers stayed in there and had a huge party in my lungs, set up their own ZIP codes, ordered pizza, you name it.

Sorry to hear about your babie's pneumonia, it's a rough thing to go through.

Good Luck with your little ones, it's tough I know. They'll get better soon. In the meantime take lots of deep breaths.
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