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Need vibes for Roo and Milo

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I have an appointment for Milo and Roo at the vet on Monday.
Roo because her weight keeps changing, one day she'll feel like skin and bones and the next day you can feel some meat on those ribs but she's still too thin, and her back bone is very prominent, she's so frail now it's heartbreaking She's alway hungry and yet doesn't gain any significant weight. She'll be 16 years old on the 29th. I think it's just old age. I'm afraid that the vet will want to put her down

Milo's going mainly because of his aggression issues, especially toward Spyder. I can't leave them alone together. And have to keep constant watch when they are downstairs's getting very stressful because I don't want anymore viscious attacks happening. Also I think he may be getting a UTI, he peed on a backpack someone left on the floor, then on a crinkle bag the ferrets use that was also on the floor
I have tried the remedy stuff you add to their drinking water and it hasn't really helped, I haven't tried feliway because I'm not sure if it would be effective and with it getting warmer out the windows will be open, which may make the feliway ineffective. so I want to see if the vet has any ideas.
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Good vibes and thoughts to Roo & Milo! I will keep my fingers crossed for you/them!
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Tonss of good vibes to you and your cats- I hope everything will turn up good for both of them!
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Good thoughts for your babies!
Don't give up on Roo just yet. My 17 year old Fred has looked like he is on his last legs for several years. I can feel his bones, but he eats like a horse. He doesn't get around quite as well as he used to, but he is still kickin, and very much tha alpha kitty around here. I thought a few weeks ago I was going to have to have him put down, and he perked up again. Keep good thoughts for your old gal, she might just be showing signs of age, and not being close to the Bridge. Let's hope so.
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Since Roo is an older girl, I would recommend having a senior panel (blood work) done. They will check her thyroid and kidney values. It sounds like she might be hyperthyroid. This is very much a treatable condition. There are three treatment options, though most vets will initially used medication to stabilize the thyroid levels regardless. The medication is available in a pill or you can have it compounded into a treat or a gel that can be applied to the ears. Good luck!
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What Cloud_Shade said, sounds very possible that it could be Tyler, just diagnosed 2 weeks ago, has gained 3 ounces since beginning treatment with methiamazole. Roo may be just fine.
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Sending lots of vibes for Roo & Milo.
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Healing Vibes & prayers are with Roo, Milo and you.
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Diane I know you to be extremely caring and astute about your kits! Sending strong vibes that each will be ok~~
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I hope your visit goes well. Hugs to you and your kitties.
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Sending lotsa vibage for both Roo and Milo and You also and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers also.
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Thanks so much for the good vibes everyone! Now it looks like I'm going to have to get Crystal to the vet tomorrow as well I think she has a cold or somethiing her eyes have been running for the past week, but I thought it was just an allergy like she gets every so often but yesterday I seen she was keeping one of her eyes mostly shut and when I looked at the eye it has a film over it

Milo may not be going to the vet now because of the situation that has developed which I posted about in the Lounge.

Thanks for the vibes and please send them to Crystal as well.
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Vibes coming Roo, Milo & Crystal's way! Some big hugs to you too Diane.
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Extra vibes being sent Crystal's way!
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Sorry for the late update....

Roo's appointment was rescheduled for tomorrow. Crystal will be going in with her because she definately has an eye problem. Poor girl!
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Sending good vibes for your kitties, especially Roo! I only say this because I have a cat at my mother's house who is in the exact same position - even the same age!

Good luck to all of you.
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