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Anyone karaoke?

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There was a story on the news last night about karaoke and how there are many people addicted to it! I personally thought this craze went out years ago...(yes, I live under a rock! )
Anyway I was wondering if anyone here does karaoke and what draws you to it.
Personally I could not do it, besides that fact that I can't sing, there's no way I could get up and put myself in front of all of those people watching!
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Our daughter (24) took us out to a karaoke bar one night and she got up and sang.

Her dad and I sat there with our mouths down to our knees. She was amazing. Now, I have heard other parents say that about their kids who in all honesty could not carry a tune in a locked suitcase, but I gotta say we were truly amazed. Then she got up at a family birthday party and everyone came over to us after and said, "hey, you didn't tell us she was such a good singer" to which we replied "hey, we didn't know"!

My husband is a musician and is not shy on stage so I guess she gets it from him.
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My friends and I LOVE karaoke! In college, my sorority's most popular social was the "80's Karaoke Night." I'll post a picture from that once I get home. When my friend Amanda got married, we all went out karaokeing the night before her wedding and when my best friend and I go on our trip to FL next week, we're thinking about having a karaoke night as well!
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I only do when I've "had a few."
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
My friends and I LOVE karaoke! In college, my sorority's most popular social was the "80's Karaoke Night." I'll post a picture from that once I get home...
Cool Amy! ...
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I kove it, even though I don't get out much any more. I have won over 50 contests. My sweetie has won a bunch and we have won several together. The trick to it is to sing stuff you really know well, and just have fun. Our favorite duet was Meat Loaf's "Paradise By The Dashboard Light." He does stuff like "Hot Rod Lincoln" and "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." I do classic country like Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline, and sometimes old Melissa Ethridge stuff. We have a ball.
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Hahahaha yes, I kareoke too - and I don't need the dutch courage to do it either! I pride myself on the two things I have in life to cling to - my art and my voice. They are gifts and I'm not ashamed to say that I think I'm good - I'm told on a regular basis, and let's face it, I don't have any formal qualifications other than that which I gained in high school - so when I can put these talents to use to make money, then why not?! I've been asked to sing at many a party and wedding... so I've no aversion to getting up and singing. My, my, people are going to think I'm conceited! I'm not really... but those are the two things in life I seem to succeed at! And I enjoy it too!! I've won plenty of competitions (I was pole-dancing for one of them too, by the way, so that might have swayed the votes a bit)

I'd definitely agree that the best way is to do stuff you know and know well. Most of my stuff is soppy balads. My other half has sung with me once or twice and he makes a fantastic bass
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I've only ever been once... I picked out the song before I went and practiced in the car on the way so I wouldn't look totally stupid, and then they ran out of time and the bar closed before I got my turn! But that was at least 10 years ago.

I actually have a large selection of songs saved on my PC. I bought a nice microphone and use my PC and office as a recording studio (I get so nervous singing live, it's much more fun that way!). I post my recordings to my website and make gift CDs for my friends & family sometimes. It's fun! When my nephew was about 5, I gave a cd to my aunt for Christmas and he said "I didn't know you were a music star!"
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personally i could never get up and sing in front of everyone, but i like watching people do it, it can be a good laugh
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Here in TCS we can sing in Karaoke:


We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family (we are family)
Get up everybody and sing

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my dad bought a kareoke machine a couple of weeks ago but i cant sing to save my life!
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Originally Posted by goosehazel
I only do when I've "had a few."
Me too!! It is actually sad because I really can sing. I just hate being up in front of so many people unless I've had a few. I always seem so much cooler to myself if I've been drinking
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