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Chatting with other members

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Hi all,
After lots of discussions between the moderators and the input from everyone, we have come up with ICQ. ICQ is an instant message and chat program. It is offered free, so it is very affordable and it can handle many users at one time. It is very user friendly and they have instructions on thier web site. This way when you see someone in the forum and you would like to talk real time, you can ask to chat. There is a place in the profile sections that you can enter your ICQ # and in the forums, it will tell people when you are online. It will be easy if everyone has the same program. If you would like to chat with people and want to use the ICQ I am putting the link for thier homepage where you can dowload a copy for free.

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Great idea!!! Now I just need to rememeber to go back into my profile and add my ICQ #.
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Alright now....with all those people who wanted to chat...WHERE are you???????
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I don't have an ICQ#. How do I get one?

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Is ICQ similar to AOL instant messenger?
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You can get ICQ by downloading the link that Sandie put at the bottom of her first post here. It is free, and doesn't take to long to download. It is similar to aol instant messanger...but yet alot different....you can see when your friends are online, just like AIM, but you can also chat with more than one person at a time. You can either send messages back and forth...like aim, or you can go into chat...which is more one on one, and you can bring other people into it, if you want.

It also has a random chat feature....where you can meet new people, who want to chat, if you like. I love it.
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Sandie, as soon as I get my personal PC back I'll download ICQ so I can chat w/ all of you, but it's going to be a week or so before this happens. I have been having to save the $ for a complete rebuild and I only have net access at work and couldn't chat. But, til my PC is back I'll continue posting on the forum as my sole means of catmunication.
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I am glad more people are getting interested. ICQ is very user friendly and you can go offline if you dont want anyone to see you. I have been using it for 5 years now and I really like it!!
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I'm glad you brought that up, about going offline, if you don't want anyone to see you....because it reminded me to tell you guys, that if you are on ICQ, and don't see me online...message me anyway....I may be online, and just in the "invisible" mode....I do that alot, because there are some people on there, that I don't always want to talk to at the time. Not that they aren't nice people, but sometimes it's hard to expalin to them that I can't chat for 2 hours....
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