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Sad sad story

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This was on my local news yesterday...Not my cat but it's still sad....pray for the lost little ones


Let me know if that link works

PS The guy who did this is also a police officer
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That makes me feel sick. I am so angry and sad for those kittens!!! I hope he's convicted of animal abuse
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A very difficult story to watch, but I am glad that WKYC had the courage to report it. And I hope and pray that the couple who followed that poor excuse for a man, so that the case can be prosecuted. I hope that he receives the full measure that the law allows, and that he regrets his actions & vows never to mistreat an animal or person again...As for those poor, precious babies, my heart cries for them & implores the best rewards for them on the other side of the Bridge. And their poor mama-kitty; how she must have wanted to keep them from being taken away..I hope that the survivor heals quickly & with as little pain as possible. I hope that this story gets more attention from the site - Cat Lovers Unite!!! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Susan
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This is so sad. Have there been any updates on the other kittens? Have you heard how the little black one is getting along? I hope they prosecute the man to the fullest extent of the law. How cruel!
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I haven't heard anything about the kitten. My guess is that he was put up for adoption. I also hope that the man who did it will be charged to the fullest extent.
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That is so terrible!!! The poor little black kitten they showed, the nerves in its leg all pulled... the man should be charged for animal abuse to the fullest extent!!! Poor little things
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What a freaking idiot. Law enforcer or not, he should be punished to the full extent.

This man is a waste of a person. How hard would it have really been for him to drop them off at a freaking shelter. What a jerk...

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Oh.. that is one digusting excuse for a police officer!!! Or even for a person.
That makes me ill.
If he was trying to get rid of them ... there are so many other ways. Not to throw them from a moving vehicle!!!
I would love just 30 seconds with this so- called police officer!!!
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I can barely see the screen for the tears! How ... I cant say any more!

Maggie in Western Australia
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****Crying**** I cannot believe how cruel some people are! This guy ought to be suspended from the force.
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