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Cat suddenly urinating

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We have 3 cats. Our "middle child", Ganuv, has suddenly acquired some behavioral problems. His skin twitches like it's irritated, and about a month after that started, he started peeing in various places around the house. He is not spraying, he is peeing. The vet says he does not seem to have any medical problems, and it is apparently behavioral. He gave us amitryptilline to give him for 10 days. We did that, and while he was on the med he was fine (though somewhat "stoned"). After 2 days off the med, he started peeing again... and skin twitching. The vet put him back on the amitryptilline and he's fine again. I don't want to have to keep him on this medication and have him stoned for the rest of his life... the vet thinks it's a phase, but I don't know.

Any help? Advice?
-Karen Feder
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You might want to go the health food store and pick up a bottle of Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy. 4 drops on his toungue or in his food will do it! It should hep with the jitters without drugging him all the time. I am wondering what may have changed at the house about the time this behavior started?
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You might also have the vet do a microscopic culture of the surface of his skin. There is a tiny mite (I am sorry, the name escapes me at the moment) that can only be seen while under a microscope. It apparently causes the animal to twitch and scratch like you have mentioned. If not treated, a cat with this problem could certainly begin trying to "tell" you by displaying inappropriate litter box habits.

Additionally, the drug you mentioned the vet has him taking is an anti-depressant which is also sometimes used to control seizures. While it is very effective at doing that, I would still request a skin scraping for mites.

Best of luck, and please - keep us posted.

Yours from the heart,

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