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I have a male and female who seem to have changed roles lately. We got the male, Goose, at about 4 weeks old and Sophia about 6 months later (she was about 6 weeks old). Sophia has always bullied Goose. She's quite a big girl compared to him. When he would eat, she would walk up behind him and lay down but when she decided that he had had enough she would get up and slap him in the head. The strange thing was that he would walk away.

Well lately, they have reversed their roles. He now bullies her. The funny thing is that it is mostly about food. (yes, we have a dish for each with the same food in it) But recently, Goose has started to run her off and doesn't want her within 10 feet of him unless he's in the mood to be around her.

They don't fight, which ever one is being the dominant one at the time simply swats the other and that one walks off.

Is this role reversal normal?

Have any of you ever seen this before?
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Yes my two are the same!. Rosie is 3 and Sophie is 1, but Sophie is the bossy boots of the two of them.

I always make sure i put Rosies food bowl down first and go to give her scritches first etc..., but Sophie will sometimes barge her way inbetween.

Rosie will let her go so far before giving her a quick bop as if to say " just remember who's the eldest here?!"
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Try feeding Goose from an elevated platform, put his bowl up there first, then put Sophia's down below. Role reversal for alpha is common, each cat will determine when they want to challenge the headmaster to see if they are the stronger, makes no matter as to age, or sex. I have two alpha's one is young and female the other older and male.
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Sorry I haven't been back to reply. My life went a little crazy over the weekend, hopefully we're back to normal now!

I just found it a little strange because Sophia had dominated Goose for over a year and he just took it from her until a light bulb clicked! I've never seen cats switch roles like that before, especaily after being in the same role for so long.

They aren't hurting each other, just a smack on the top of the head followed by an evil look!

Thanks for the suggestion MA, I will try that.
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