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My Cat Just Gave Birth To 5 Kittens And Its Been About 12 Hrs But She Is Acting Really Strange And She Follows Me Around And Is Meowing Constantly And She Is Panting And Every Thing She Is Also Eating Too.i Just Now Went In To My Room Because I Herd A Kitten Crying And One Was Out Of The Box And She Was Meowing .has Any One Experienced This Before?????
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My cat just had kittens yesterday and she basically wont pay no attention to them unless i am in the room do u know anything about this???
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zoe how old is the momcat? Was it a difficult birthing process? It could be the momcat is just overwhelmed- is she interacting with the kittens at all? Is she enclosed in the room where they are and not let out into the rest of the house?
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Is mom not looking after them at all ?

If so, they need to be kept warm and fed, I'm sure you can find a recipie for kitten formula on this forum somewhere, or can someone else advise ? (I dont' know what the recipie is)

Regarding the mum, I thought cats stopped panting once they had given birth. Maybe there's one stuck inside ? perhaps you should give the vet a call.

Best of luck

Carla xx
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You should call your vet to get their opinion. She may have one left that is stuck. Try not to handle the babies too much, and keep her in the same room, so she will care for them.
If she only stays with them if you are there, then you need to stay with them too. Bottle feeding is possible, but Momma's care is best!
Please post a follow-up so we know how she is doing!
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hey every one my zoe and her babies are doing great she finally came around and she passed a placenta and then ate it so she is fine now i am so happy and the kittens are doing well too she is taking care of them now and all are healthy and well.vet checked her too just to be safe thanxxxx
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YAY!!! Congrats!!!
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