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Woo I am so happy!

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:O I have been trying to get Aerowyn to learn this trick for WEEKS!!! SHe learned *up* pretty fast but thats not hard, jus thold the food above their head and say up... but the challenge was getting her to "walk" She naturally likes to sit on her hind legs with her front arms dangling, looking like a little gopher, so I thought I'd try to teach her to do it for a treat :P I know some of you dont like to teach cats tricks but I think it keeps their minds occupied :P


My mom bought this deli sliced chicken for sandwiches and of course whenever I have a sandwich I have to give them some :P And they just love a bit of that every once in a while :P So I took two peices out one for each and Held a bit over aerowyns head and told her "up" She went up and then I moved it back a bit AND SHE TOOK TWO STEPS FORWARD!! Tis teh cutest thing ever :P Then I did it a second tiem and she took FOUR steps forward! I am so happy! They like doing tricks because they like to spend time with me and they ovbiously liek the treats. So has anyone taught their cats any tricks?
Both my cats know "Up" and "round" *turning in a circle"
Aerowyn and I are working on sit THough it doesnt work very well cuz she always puts her bum in the air (She has done this since she was 8 weeks when I got her :P learned it from her mum *eyeroll*) Yay and now I am goign to work with her so she learns up very well. She also likes to jump high in the air :P When we play with her toys on strings, she always jumps up in the air and does kind of a backwards twist and lands :P The same way eachtime... its cute O_O
Elliot knows Sit, up, round, and shake. I still have to work on shake a bit because he'll lift his paw up but doesnt always let me hold it :P He knows fetch too but he did that on his own. Next I will work on "rollover" with elliot. That should be a bit harder because he has a thing with his tummy (always has, doesnt like it touched ) and when I get Aerowyn to know walk all the way I will teach her "shake" :P she should be pretty good.

O_O Want to know how much my cats like that deli chicken? I was getting the slices from the fridge and Aerowyn climbed right up my pant leg, and then up my shirt O_O Digging her claws into my flesh of course :P SHe is a good little climber. I let her go up trees on a leash and while supervised and she just loves it :P Both my cats know "DOwn" "Get off of there!" "Get off the table!" O_O Thats something a cat really needs to learn if nothing, basic "up" and "down" is something every cat should know :P

SO what tricks can your pets do :P

(I figured that thsi is basically a behavior, but if it should be in some other board I apologize and thank you for moving it :P)
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Cj knows up kinda. Well if i shake is tin of pitr-pats and say up, he will get up. if i dont shake anything he looks at me like I am out of my mind. He just randomly started playing fetch one day, and now he loves to play that game. Nothing else though down doesnt work, NO! doesnt really work to well. He will stop for the moment, but go right back to it. Sometimes when he is in his psycho mode all I do is scold him, no cj dont claw the sheets, no cj dont shred the rugs, no cj dont scratch the walls. He doesnt want to play while in psycho mode either, weird huh? Then when he is out of psycho mode, he is a very well behaved kitty.
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I want to teach my cats tricks so badly but they both have food allergies and I haven't been able to train them with anything and then reward them afterward.

I have been trying to Teach Toby "Fetch" for the longest time, he just looks down at the toy and looks back at me kind of confused as to how he is going to get it back over to me.

But Max does this neat thing. It looks like he's having a conversation with you. Whenever my husband or I will say "Max, what are you doing?" or "Max, what did you do today?" He will sit in front of us and start Meowing and all different kind of sounds. It's hilarious. I think if he could actually speak he would never shut up.

My cats do listen to direction pretty well. Toby listens to "follow" and "come here" he sometimes listens to "no way, jose" but I think he has selective hearing. They LOVE it when I call them 'baby" I'll say "Awww hows my little baby?" They go wild when I talk to them like that.

I think it's awesome when cats can do tricks. I think they are smarter then what we give them credit for. The only thing is they are so independent that they are only going to learn something or do something on their own terms.
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