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Rescue story time

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I hope this is an ok place for this since it's about a rescue in my opinion...

This story starts a few days ago. Some know that I was looking for a Himalayan for my mother to have as a new companion for her. I've spent the past 3-4 days now looking for one through shelters, and other means. Today, I got online and went around to my usual browsing areas, and expanded my search in Georgia a bit, and I came up with the following...

Siamese mix. 1 is male, 1 is female. Which is which I don't know, nor does it matter

Maine Coon mix. Female, no idea on age, but obviously still a baby. Look at those eyes

They are located in Spaulding County which is about an hour to an hour and a half South of me. Normally, this is something I would have overlooked given the distance, but this shelter seems to have little consideration for those with a weak heart (me) and lists on their website "Last Chance" animals. All 3 of these littles ones are given a "last chance" date this Monday at 4:30. What shocked me was the adoption fee... $20. It's $85 to adopt in my county. Point being, we are going to get all 3. My mom wants the Maine Coon, and we are going to find loving homes to take both the siamese kitties since they are brother and sister. I'm nuts for this, but when I saw ..."will be unavailable" it was over and I knew I couldn't sit and do nothing. I just wanted to share this with all you lovely people since everyone here are probably the only ones that understand. I will post an update when I have the babies, and take loverly pictures.
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Aw, they are all beautiful. Good for you for helping them out!
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What beautiful, sweet babies. Thank you for giving them a chance!
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oh they are lovely. i hope they are happy in their new homes.

are you keeping the siamese mix?
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The siamese mix already found a home the day before we went to a shelter. I was happy to hear at least that one, they found a home, and two, they were adopted together. I have a post in the fur pictures area that shows the new baby addition. Her name is Layla. ^.^
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