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I posted last week about a food problem we were encountering with my cat named Hunter. While at the vet last week, he was given a shot of vitamins and anti-inflammatory (if I remember correctly) between the shoulder blades because of his lack of eating and weight loss. As of today, there is a huge patch of hair missing there and he has been itching it raw. Poor baby, he keeps twitching his ears, back, and tail. He just runs around frantically and meows. I did put some anti-bacterial cream on it but of course he just insisted on scratching more so I let it wear off. I have an appointment tomorrow because they think it may be an allergic reaction (or something else) but it isn't until 2:40pm CT. I just need some piece of mind. Has this happened to any of you? It has been one thing right after another and I hate seeing him so uncomfortable. He looks at me like, "Do something!" But, I can't. I have to wait (which I hate doing). Any help?