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Do all cat like wet food?

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It might sound like a stupid question but my cat doesn't.
I constantly hear how much cat love wet food. My cat will get excited about it but only licks it off and leaves the rest there for me to throw out. I've tried muliple brands and flavors, I've tried mixing it with a bit of water making it all soupy thinking that if she likes licking it than it should work....nope!

Is my cat the only one to be this picky??? I'd thought I ask to see everyones oppinion and to hear about other picky cats.

by the way, she loves all dry food and gobbles that up really well
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Yeah.. not all cats like it.. but others love it so much they would do anything for it.

They are like people, some people like Ice Cream, but others don't (that is crazy )
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My Kandie loves wet food , My Zoey hates it unless it looks like mommy made it ..Zoey eats up to 2 cups of dry a day
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DeeDee doesn't like wet food at all, all she eats is dry food.
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My new adult cat laps the 'gravy' from her wet food, but does't eat the food itself, she prefers dry.
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i've always had mine on dry food, but as a treat I'd give her wet food. I'm more worried about ants and other vermin getting to her food if it was wet. But then again my cat is a bit greedy and will eat anything i put in the bowl lol
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My cat doesn't like canned food either, it's only the dry stuff for her.
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I think it's a matter of taste and just depends on the cat. Katie and Pete love it and will gobble it up. Gracie just takes a few bites and walks away.
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Pixel's not all that interested in wet food. she sometimes likes the pat`e type, but she never eats much. the kinds that look like real meat w/gravy, she's not the least bit interested in. Mouse loved it; Cable & Java gobble a can a night between them!
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I had the worst time getting Jamie to eat canned food, although he and his litter mates were given canned before we adopted him. His mother had kitten kibble to free feed from, and he developed a real liking for it. We've worked out a "compromise": He gets his much-loved dry food in the morning, and in the evening he consents to a 3-ounce can of food (it must be that size, and it must be a can, not a pouch or aluminum "tray") that consists of all meat, all fish, a mixture of both, or meat/fish with 1% rice. The canned food has to be packed in spring water or vegetable jelly, i.e., no gravy. If the food doesn't meet his criteria, he refuses to eat it. I've been lucky enough to find three European brands (almo nature, Miamor Feine Filets, and cosma) that fit the bill, and supplement them with little cans of Solid Gold when I can get get them. Innova and California Natural, which he would also eat occasionally, are no longer available in Europe.
There are definitely some cats that prefer dry over canned food!
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My cat is very, very finicky. He won't have anything to do with wet food--even if it is human food.
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