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Wish me some vibes please...

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Tomorrow I will be in Aguadilla (in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico), taking a Tae Kwon Do referee seminar. I have already refereed Tae Kwon Do fights before in an unofficial fashion, but this time its official. I will be taking the seminar all through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and on Sunday take the examination and after passing, I will be certified as a National Tae Kwon Do Referee of Puerto Rico. Which translates to the ability to be in the officials in national tournaments … The man who is going to give the seminar is the highest level dan in the country. As if all that wasn’t enough, I am the only person who is coming from my school (meaning that the impression I give I am also giving it about my professors in Caguas). Although my own teachers are confident about me (I was the only one who ever got interested in refereeing and thus learned to do it) I am, like, curious, anxious and at the same time a tad nervous.

Can you spare some vibes, eh?

I will let you know when I get back.
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Oh, how exciting! I'm sure you will do great, and impress the judges! Best of luck to you!
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Good vibes coming your way! I'm sure you'll do great!!!
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It sounds like quite a honor! I'm sure you'll represent your teachers and you school admirably! Good vibes coming!
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Mega good luck vibes going to you Victor!
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count with my best wishes to you Fella!
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oh good luck to you! that sounds like so much fun! kung-fu movies are my favorite i grew up watching them with my dad...i love all kinds of martial arts! i'm sure you'll do great must be soo exciting for you
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Good luck, lot's of good vibes to you on your trip.
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Best wishes to you, don't worry, you'll do great! :-)
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It went well... There were plenty of people, among whom I was the youngest.. After all, I was scraping literally the minimum age limit of 16.

Okay, I am going to put it this way:

I am now a class C National Referee. And I have been invited as official in the national games (Hosted by the Puerto Rico Department of Recreation and Sports) that are going to be taking place two weeks from now in Ponce! (Which will be transmitted through the Government station of TUTV )

If there's anyone in Puerto Rico, no matter how much you hate the current government, please turn on that day on channel 6 if you want to see me in the initial parade among the officers. Now, if I do something real stupid or embarrasing, just turn off your TV set and nothing happened.
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Oh how exciting Victor!
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good job!!
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Congratulations Victor!!!
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