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Remember When.....

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Very interesting yet somehow sad.

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Aww. Although I am only 25 and don't remember everything on there, it did bring back memories of childhood. Especially the horrible pink gum in the baseball card packs! And yes, it held very true for me that the real danger was not the counselor or principle of the school, but my father What happened to that?? My 6 y/o stepson says some things sometimes that make me do a double take, and I find myself thinking, I never would have gotten away with that as a child! Not only would I not have gotten away with it, I never would have dreamed actually saying it! Perhaps this is something that happens with every new generation, because I'd be willing to bet that there were things I did as a child that my parents thought the same thing about!
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Even being in the UK I can relate to a fair few of those!

When does snow stop being fun anyway? I hate snow now, it means I have to slide to work in my car after spending half an hour de-icing it. I loved it as a child, snowmen and snowball fights. When did it change?
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ohh my goshhhhhh.. i had to baby sit bf's sister today while they were working
i could smack her brains out she doesnt listen to her parents, she doesnt listen to me, she expects me to buy her barbies ect when i dont have money for her she is grounded from the tv and playing with her friends but she still doesnt get it... she really does need a good smack on the butt!
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I love that, no matter how many times I see it. I remember almost all that stuff. I need my cane! Where did you hide the Geritol and the Poli-Grip? What was the question? Am I old? Darn right!!!!

fwan, Give her one, then! If you are in charge of her, you should be in charge of discipline. My friends wonder why their children are so well behaved on the rare occasions that they come to my house, and it is because if you are in my house, you are mine, and I will smack your butt and stand you in the corner if you don't behave. They sit quietly and watch tv, pet Fred, or play in the back yard. The kids don't even dislike me for it.
If adults act up badly at my house, they are shown the door, or smacked on the butt and stood in the corner!
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Oorah, Gunny ! !
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