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can't believe this!

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This was on my local news today


Let me know if that link works
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OMG shoot that guy!!! what a sweet baby hugs & prayers to the kitty!
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The guy that did it is also a police officer!! Makes me so mad! That poor kitten just began it's life and now it has to suffer
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That poor kitty. I'm just glad they said she could make a complete recovery. What would possess someone to do something like that, especially a police officer. I hope they fire him, he's obviously not capable of following the laws he was sworn in to protect, not to mention he's just plain evil.
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bad guy..
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Goodness that just makes me so sad!!! Those poor kittens. Thank goodness the little black one will make a complete recovery.
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I don't have speakers on this computer here at work, but just looking at the video says enough....that poor kitten! I take it someone (a police officer) shot her in the leg? Glad y'all with speakers said she will make a recovery. As for that officer, I say....let the punishment fit the crime!!
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No. A police officer was seen throwing kittens out of his car window. This one was injured, but is expected to recover. There should be a special place in hell for people like that.
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& it should involve them being thrown by a giant from a giant car into traffic!
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