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OK, as an update to my recent posts, I just got the test results from the vet office a little while ago and was told Skylar has crystals. The tech told me that he won't need surgery but will need to start a prescription diet of food that I can buy from the vet. Oh wise cat people, please give me more info about this condition. How much does this special food usually range? (I have money set aside so I am prepared). Thanks ~Allison
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What kind of crystals are they? Struvite are the most common kind. They require a diet that will acidify the urine. Many great perscription diets are available. Dry food is the cheapest to feed but cats with this condition usually do better on wet. I would feed a wet dissolution formula (Medical Dissolution or Hills s/d) until the crystals are gone. This will need to be confirmed by a urinalysis at the vets. One you cat is healthy again I would stick with a perscription maintenance diet (like preventive or c/d). Once you are on a maintenance diet you could feed dry and wet to save some money.
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