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Maverick got spayed

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Maverick came back from her spay at 6pm.

she is very angry and a little bald but ok. Ravounsly hungrey.

the vets nicknamed her 'Hissing Sid' because she threw a hissy fit when they (very kindley) wormed her for me after her op and hissed at the poor tech everytime she walked past her cage.

Leaving her at the vet was awful. we had the kitten microchipped and vaccinated at the same time so coming home with one carrier instead of two was heartbreaking.

I started crying as soon as we walked out the room which was pretty embaressing as i had to give them my contact details for the microchipping. they were very nice and took good care of her but i was so upset! i cried the whole way home because i was scared she would think i'd cast her aside because of the new puppy.

please sending healing vibes for poor baldy Mav.
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*sending loads of vibes*

My MIL called me late last night and told me that she couldnt take teufel to the vet today because she had to do 3 work shifts, and since bf was at work too she change the appointment for monday, now i have a long long weekend to be worried!
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awww sending her healing vibes~~~~~

i remember when i left socks though to get sprayed, i was so upset!!!

She'll be fine soon
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Originally Posted by cazx01
awww sending her healing vibes~~~~~
She'll be fine soon
Same feelings here too!!! ....(((((Good Vibes)))))
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Awww don't worry Nicky!, i bawled my eyes out in the surgery both times with my two, but the nurses are used to it.

Rosie hissed at me when i brought her home because i was trying to stop her licking her stitches

You'll see a big difference in Maverick tomorrow, just make sure that she's warm
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I bawled my eyes and managed to call the vets twice with the first and only once with the second girl. The boys were older and came pre-fixed thank goodness!
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awww...sweet Maverick! I am sending you lots of get well vibes and I am sure you will be feeling better in no time at all! My Rocky hisses at the vet all the time...he is such a sweet boy here at home and as soon as we get there, there is a complete turn around in attitude!
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Aww dont worry! we all do it I bawled when I had to leave Finnegan to get neutered because what had happened to Killian.. I was scared!! People in the waiting room probably thought I got some horrid news. Dont feel embarassed at all!! She'll be fine..
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I am sending lots of *Get Well Vibes* for Mav.
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thanks everyone. i have taken some pictures of her little bald patch and will post them tomorrow. she has forgiven me and is eating well (and playing a little too hard with her kitten for my liking).

the scar is tiny and very neat. the vet put the stitches on the inside so she wouldn't pull them out.

does anyone know how long it takes for the fur to grow back? my 14year old brother thought she would always be bald! he thought spaying was some kind of weird hair removal operation and didnt want to question me on it! lol
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