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Dani update and my volunteer dilema

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Update on Dani's Health

Took Dani to the Vet yesterday for her first blood test on the Tapazole. I will get the levels Tuesday.

But the Vet was impressed with her overall. She has had more energy, her coat looks great, she is eating more and has put on a pound....(she is now 9 lbs), she plays, her eyes look good, except I have to wipe the crusties off several times a day, otherwise her eye gets swollen and red temporarily.

She has improved TREMENDOUSLY, I am so happy with her progress. She seems happy, and in good health, (except for the thyroid, which I think the tapazole is helping).

WWhheeeeeeeee!!!! What a difference from Sept 14 to now!!!

One thing I am very sad about is that I don't think I can volunteer anymore. I am just too afraid that I will bring home somethingn to poor Dani, who has just gone through soooo much. In fact, right now at the shelter, they are asking the volunteers to stay away, as the whole cattery has ringworm.
But even when that is cleared up, I am afraid to even bring a cold home to her. But I miss my babies at the shelter so much, and am very sad. I want to help animals, but am at a loss as to what to do or what direction to take....

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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The news about Danielle's health is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Have you permenantly changed her name to Dani or is that just a nickname?

I don't have any suggestions regarding which direction your volunteering should take. I can really understand your concerns about bringing something home to Danielle. Others may have some good advice for you.
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I still do volunteer work, but when I do come into contact with the other cats I come home, strip my cloths, put them in a bag and straight to the laundry. In the mean time, I will take a nice hot shower to make sure I have gotten rid of anything. I try to do other things like help at fundraisers and make bedding and such. I still do something to help the animals but have really reduced my risk.
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Wonderful report on Danielle!!!
You've done a great job returning her to health, both physical and mental!

Please excuse my ignorance, but how likey is it that you can bring something home to your cats?

I only work 3 days a week, and have often thought of volunteering at one of several shelters or Adopt a Pet locations.

I'd love to help out, but the thought of infecting my kids is terrifying!
What is transmittable by humans, and what can be done to prevent it?
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Cleo, I am not sure.

I get different answers from different sources. Some cat people tell me I cannot transmit anything from the shelter to home, (except perhaps ringworm)....others tell me yes I can, like colds and other URI. I don't know, maybe mostly on my clothes.

I have to look into it further. Sigh.....
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Vet says that Dani's thyroid levels have gone down to 55. They were 86. But he wants them at 40 or below, so I have to increase her meds by half a pill.

OOh well.......
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