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First Rose garden, need help

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Hey there!
So I've finally started my first ever rose garden. Natasha (my kitty soul mate) passed over the rainbow last July and I decided instead of fooling around with ashes and burrials, which would make me feel worse to plant a rose in her name. Well, that rose turned into 4 roses, possibly 5 and a request from my mom for a rose garden in the back yard. She's still getting a special one planted in her name (happens to be called "angel face" and is different colours of purple), but we're going for a whole new garden now.
I spent the day outside digging today. The garden is about 3' wide by 8'-10' long. It has a flat back and curves out in the front. It's next to a shrub on the edge of our property that has to be cut, so we're placing it about 3' from the hedge and we're talking about putting a trellis along the back to keep the throns away when we're trimming. The soil is pretty sandy in that area and it gets TONNES of sun!
So stage two is getting stuff to put in the soil. I've read that peat moss, fertilizer and some "sandy loam soil" is best for roses.
We're planning on putting some little boarder flowers and rocks around the edge and perhaps a climbing non rose along the trellis.
I'm looking for any hints, suggestions, etc. I really want this garden to be georgeous!
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I am really bad with any kind of plants. I look at them and they die

Good luck and when everything gets growing please show us pictures!
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