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Litter box odor

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hello all my little kitties,
i want to tell everyone about this light bulb that my daughter brought to my house called ozonelite. my wife and i got stuck with her 3 cats when she came home from college and decided to live in a building with a no pets law. being the great parents we are, we took them in but there was such an odor from the litter box. i kept complianig and i guess it worked. she brought me these 2 light bulbs called ozonelite and told me they will take care of the odor. i still have to change the litter, but WHAT A DIFFERENCE. all i did was change the bulbs to these and let it work for 24 hours. not only do i clean the air while these things are on, but i'm saving money. they are only 23-watts but still lights the room like my regular bulbs.
anywho i just wanted to drop everyone a line and tell you about them. the website is www.ozonelite.com if you want to check it out.
have a good day
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I have heard about these types of lights. How long does the light need to be turned on before it starts to eliminate odors. It's now summer time and the lights, in theory, won't be on as long as winter time. I am glad to hear they actually work!!

Actually, I found the answer!! http://www.ozonelite.com/24hoursaday.html
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If it really does work it has to be worth it. I use the cat litter deoderant by Arm and Hammer and it works with just Oscar. I think I might just try the lightbulb though.
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