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This is so wrong dont you agree?

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Does anyone have a vet that refuses to see your pet with out payment even if it was life or death?

I have one and know pleanty more. They refuse to see my moms chiwawa unless she has atleast half of the amount of full payment(which isnt possible at the moment she has tons of medical bills and doesnt get payed until later this month).
i really dont want to discuss it out loud i dont wanna be chewed out at or be harshly spoken to about this subject.

Im waiting for the local vet to call me back on the subject since we were rejected at our main vet. I know this vet wont allow us to come in with out full payment on account were are not a regular.

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As far as i know mine would still see them, but then they do anyway and then you pay on your way out, so if you havent enough funds then what can they do because they've already been treated?!.

IMO if their lovers of animals by being vets then i would hope that they would take installments, because if they turned someone away then again IMO they don't love animals enough.

Obviously im not saying that they let the person go without paying anything, because after all it is a business and bills have to be paid by vets also, but something could be worked out.

If some vets can do it then why can't others?!
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OKn the problem is Ginger is in labor here water sack has been hanging out for 4 hours now. A vet agreed to see her they are gonna hold a check.

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A true animal lover! Hope she's ok!
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I've never heard of that. Vet offices would set up a payment plan for the bill.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
I've never heard of that. Vet offices would set up a payment plan for the bill.
Unfortunatley, mine didn't. My dog had a cancerous tumor which had to be removed and they wanted payment in full when I picked him up. (I had asked before bringing him for the surgery if we could pay on it.) The bill was $500! I ended up paying half in cash and putting the rest on plastic. My only other option was to wait but the tumor would continue to grow and decrease his chances.

I'm still kinda peeved about that but they are the best vets in my area. So what are you gonna do?
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When you asked if you could do payment did they agree on the phone?

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I was at a Drs appt one day last summer and in the waiting room I recognized one of the techs from Dori's vets office. We said hello and she got called back for her appointment. I got called back for my appointment about 15 minutes later and I heard her talking to the doctor in the hallway. He asked her where she worked and asked if she liked the vet. She had all good things to say but the one thing that stuck out is "Dr. Woods loves animals so much and he would never ever let an animal suffer for an owners inability to pay, he is always will to work with them."

Hearing her say that while she didn't think anyone else could hear made me feel so good about my vet!
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Our vet is pretty good with that. When my niece's kitty broke his leg last week she had no money,but could pay in a couple days, the vet said it was an emergency so they would treat him anyway.

My sister who lives in Alabama though, her vet won't give you back your pet until you pay in full!
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Originally Posted by stormy
My sister who lives in Alabama though, her vet won't give you back your pet until you pay in full!
WHAT!!!!!!! as if a vet visit isn't stressful enough for them without holding them to randsom like that!

I'd knock doors through windows if they held on to one of my two!
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All three of the vet's I've ever used would offer payment plans if needed.
And for regulars, they just simply mailed out bills.
I'm super fortunate in that our cats will never incur any medical expenses.
5 of the 6 were all adopted from the same clinic, rescued by the same vet, they get routine and emergency medical for free.
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I had a £150 vet bill today and my vet told me to pay what i wanted now and then the outstanding next time i saw her.
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Honestly i think the vet bills here are fairly cheap compared to other countries. but i dont know how they work
i just pay in full, and i bring extra money with me incase its more than usual
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Originally Posted by fwan
Honestly i think the vet bills here are fairly cheap compared to other countries. but i dont know how they work
i just pay in full, and i bring extra money with me incase its more than usual
I always pay in full as well. But our dog has eppilepsy (sp?) so he's on medication 2x a day which isn't cheap and then having the cancer thrown at us out of the blue I just didn't have the $500 laying around. Not to mention, Goose & Sophia (our kitties) who are healthy but need regular checkups and our son who is the most expensive of all!!!!

I was kind of insulted because we have always paid in full and this was an emergency. I felt like in this situation, our vets should have worked with us. Heck, I wouldn't have had a problem if they wanted to do a credit check first. But it's over for now and hopefully, the tumor will have a slow re-growth rate.
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Both of the drs in our vets office will work with you....but neither of the other vets in town will.
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I haven't had any issues, but like someone else here said, I pay on my way out and I've been fortunate enough not to have sick kitties or emergencies.

I assume if someone is not well known to the vet or if they have defaulted on payment previously or taken too long to pay, or if the vet has been burned by a lot of other people, they may very well insist on payment up front.

They have expenses too, rent, drugs, supplies, people to pay, etc., but it is really awful for the person who has a really sick precious pet.
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My vet actually has some sort of credit card program that you can apply for. They do not do payment plans, but pretty much anyone is accepted into their credit plan. The APR isn't outrageous. You don't actually pay until after your pet is seen. When I picked up Abby's ashes after she had been cremated I had to pay the bill for the euthanasia/cremation, but I was expecting the bill to be mailed to me and didn't bring any cash. The receptionist let me come back before close to pay the bill, which I thought was nice of her. The actual bill was in my mailbox when I got home- so I just had bad timing.
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The vet we've used back at home (parent's house) for all of our pets over the last 22 years is great with the animals. He cares very much about the pets and for instance, when he sees my Waffle, he always makes sure to ask if I know how the rest of my family's pets are. I know there if you can't pay on your way out they will bill you.

HOWEVER, as many of you know I had to take Brendan's almost 3 month old kitten Hida into her vets office here in Orlando yesterday. That bill was $310 and we had no option but to pay on the way out. Luckily they let me use Brendan's credit card (as they knew she was his cat) or else I wouldn't have known what to do! That poor little honey was very sick and yet they were still insisting on such a huge amount on my way out the door.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
WHAT!!!!!!! as if a vet visit isn't stressful enough for them without holding them to randsom like that!

I'd knock doors through windows if they held on to one of my two!
One vet I had was exactly like that! (obviously in the past tense)..
There was a sign in the back area that said if you didn't pay upon pickup, they would hold your animal for a certain amount (3 days I think) and then relinquish them to the shelter!!
I had an emergency $500 bill with them once and had to borrow the money that day!

Most vets will work with you if you are regular in an emergency situation though...
And I am not about to blast you, Ashley, but if she is breeding her chihuahua, you could gently suggest to her that if she breeds again, she should be prepared for the worst..Its not like a broken leg, or an emergency situation if the reason for the visit was somewhat planned.
This could be the reason for the vet stating what he/she did..
Not defending the vet, but I can see their point somewhat.

Glad everything turned out ok!!!
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I love my vet. If I forget to pay on the way out, they just add it to my tab and we settle the next time I see him. If I don't get up there within 30 days (rare), they just mail me the bill as a reminder. They know where I live, know where I stash the keys to my house so I don't think they are too concerned about me not paying. I think a long term relationship with your vet goes a long way to building trust about making payments.

My vet does have clients that have a lot of animals and can't always pay in full. He and I talk enough to know that he simply reduces their rates and charges what they can afford. He also provides volume discounts and we sometimes negotiate charges in advance for those times when I am bringing in, say, a lot of cats for TNR.
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When my mother and I brought Glory into the vet when she had her heart attack they saw her immediately even though we didn't call. We just ran in with her and they tried to save her. I guess there are reasons they don't do some things but if it's serious they should be seen in my opinion.
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This subject really gets to me. my mum is very poor, she has two cats, one of which is 20 years old. A few months back, the elder cat, whiskers, was hit by a car, both her back legs were dangling and she couldn't walk, the vet wouldn't even look at her without some type of payment!!!!

obviously, if she couldn't pay it i would give her the money but that's not really the point.

vets are supposed to love animals, i don't think they should give free medical treatment to everyone because they have a job and like anyone else need to get paid but they should make it a lot cheaper for people on welfare etc or have some type of payment plans set up, i think more needs to be done about this.

the same goes for dentists, i had an abscesed tooth that was sooooo painful that i felt i would pass out, they wouldn't even look at me without payment, luckily i did have the money, imagine not being able to be releived of such pain just because you don't have the money up front

i have never had a problem with the vet, only because i always have the money.

after what they have put my mother through, i don't have a whole lot of respect for them, they are just money hungry.

sorry...had to vent


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I have never had that problem, but I do have a credit card and would just charge what I owed.

Something I do like about my vet is how he gives you the full price. We had a dog (Jack) who was extremely ill. I wanted the vet to do labwork, x-rays, etc to find out what was wrong. Rather than quote $65 for the x-ray, he told us it would be closer to $800 for the x-ray, and abdominal surgery to remove a foreign object, if that was the problem. Also let us know that Jack's chances were very slim due to the severity of his symptoms. (We opted for euthanasia, unfortunately,as at the time we had already spent almost $1,000 and could NOT afford more!)

My vet is willing to do extraordinary measures if you want to, but he also always helps you to take a step back and consider if it is the best option. And always gives a quote for correcting the potential problem, not just diagnosing it. He also does feral spay/neuter for $25, so I know he is a good guy!
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[quote=Beckiboo]I have never had that problem, but I do have a credit card and would just charge what I owed.


That's why i do, i just feel sorry for the pets of people without cards


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I try to see both sides. I would hate to see an animal in distress because somebody couldn't pay, but it would be equally bad to see a vet who spent years studying end up closing down his business because nobody paid their bills. That's a lose-lose situation.

If I had a store and gave everyone credit, I would be out of business. AND, it isn't fair to expect the folks who can afford to pay to make up for ones that don't.

Perhaps it would be better to educate people that if they cannot afford to care for an animal (including doctor visits and emergencies), then perhaps it would be more humane to not risk the animals life by taking it home with them.

I don't mean that to sound harsh, but perhaps we all have to take stock of our situation and make decisions accordingly. Nobody would allow us to adopt a human baby if we couldn't provide adequately for it so why not the same with animals.
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I hope no one minds if i add my own vet rant!

I called to book lucky in for surgery and they gave me a price that they said included IV fluids and pain killers. So i agreed and brought lucky in a few days later. They handed me a quote there of $150 more. I questionned this, mentionned the quote etc. The receptionist agreed to honour it, and I double checked that lucky would still get the painkillers and fluids. I left her there with their assurances....

About an hour later I got a call at work saying they had just taken lucky in for surgery and that the vet had said she wouldn't honour the quote and i would have to pay more for fluids and painkillers. LUCKY WAS IN THE OPERATING ROOM AT THE TIME!!!! What option do I's emotional blackmail...and they know they can get away with it. All i wanted to do was run over there and snatch lucky back....

It's sad to see a vet that sees your animal as nothing more then money in their pocket. very sad.

thanks for letting me rant....
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